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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, August 3, 2012

Which Implement?

Bonnie comes up with excellent topics for spanking discussions. Being sent to fetch an implement was a recent topic. Due to our southern upbringing, both Bacall and I have been sent outside to cut a switch. [we learned small ones would be rejected]. We also recall the weak knees that went with the task in addition to the stinging stripes on our legs.

In grade school the principal once sent me to fetch a paddle from another teacher. That produced a lot of fear and tears that seared the memory in for life.

In adult life, being sent to fetch an implement has no effect on us. Our usual way is to put out the paddles we want used on us. This ensures we get what we want.

We would like to be able to get a little submissive once in awhile, but we are both alpha types.

I have wondered how it would affect me, if we had a neighbor Bacall could send me to borrow a paddle.

To try to add a little excitement to a session, I have sent lasses to fetch a paddle, but to my knowledge it had little or no effect on them. One would look at all the paddles and always bring back one of the largest.

After I wrote this, I saw Bacall putting on red panties and remarked on it. She said I probably wanted to use the red paddle on her. She was right of course. So I gave her six licks with it. I remarked that I was thinking about getting a few licks after breakfast. She told me to bring her the paddle when I was ready. Not exactly the same, but as close as we get.

I think I am about ready.


  1. It makes sense that being sent to fetch an implement has no effect on you if you set out whatever you would like used. So much of submission is in the mind and the mindset of the moment.

    Now for me, because it is an act of submission, being sent to fetch an implement causes a great deal of emotional reaction. I would give a great deal not to have to do it, but that is D's way.

  2. I think when you have a particular dread of an implement that being made to fetch it makes it all the more exciting, it certainly gets my heart racing.

    1. See we don't have any toys that we really fear. Not looking for any either.

  3. I love the idea of being told to fetch a specific implement-- not necessarily the one I would pick...


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