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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, June 25, 2012

First Spankings – The Game

This is from another Blog. I neglected to note which one. It reminds me of the spankings that my dates provoked when I was a teen. I did not know it was a game then. I did not dream of spanking then as I came to do in my late teens. They crossed a line, it was up to me to spank them.
I have always provoked the spanking, it's never unjustified. My innate female bitchiness causes my lover to say, very quietly, "All right now, that's enough!" I say "Don't order me around" and he replies "You're asking for a good spanking". I answer "I'd like to see you try it!' in a very taunting manner.
At this point he grabs me, grasps both hands firmly behind my back, pulls down my panties, turns me over onto his knee and traps my kicking legs between his.
Back then I was more interested in traditional amorous activities than spanking. With her skirt was up and her panties down or off, that came naturally. I wonder now if sex was a reward for spanking them?
What makes this odd, is that I spanked almost every girl I dated more than once. I wonder if I brought out something in them without being conscious of it?
I have no memories of dreaming of spanking girls until I was 19. That was also the same time that I suddenly wanted to be spanked.

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  1. Fortunate indeed to have spanked so many of your dates. I can count only 3 girls who engaged in moderate to light spankings. One became very into it.
    My wife played along but was never an enthusiastic recipient. When I suggested we switch roles then things really started to hum and we have not looked back.


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