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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, May 18, 2012

That Twitch

In a recent post, I used Bacall’s term for a physical sensation she gets. Some readers asked about it, so I asked Bacall to define her term.

Bogey asked me to define twitch.  So here is the definition from the dictionary.
Verb: Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
Noun: A short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
Now I will move on to my definition which includes some part of the above.  Bogey will tell me he is going to use the batten on my thighs a day in advance of the event. That means that the inner thighs are going to get the batten. As soon as it is mentioned, I get a twitch in that area - it is a sudden jerky movement that is very pleasurable. This comes and goes all day bringing a smile to my face.  By the next morning I am ready for the batten. I know that it might sound painful to some and it can be. But at the right spots, the sting goes directly to the area that brings a lot of pleasure. By the time Bogey has finished, I am more than ready for the strong orgasm this always brings.

While our batten once had a life of stiffening a sail. You can get something like it here.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's always neat to learn how other women obtain pleasure;).


    P.S. I'm back from my blogging break!

  2. wondering if this is where "batten down the hatches" comes from? Hope your wife realizes how fortunate she is . . . . and may your hatches feel the burn!

  3. Wow, that is interesting, and it sounds fun and exciting, something that I will have to explore more.... thanks for sharing.



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