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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, May 7, 2012

Switching Good Time

It’s been awhile since we have written about our spanking lives. Neither one of is any good at writing titillating prose and you have already read how it goes with us, so we don’t want to bore you again and again with same old thing.

Over time, each of us changes in our how we enjoy spanking. For instance, I have noted that over the last year, I am not able to take as many licks as I once did. Over the same time span Bacall has been wanting harder licks with paddles she would not have allowed near her bottom only a year or so ago. She says she is going through a paddle proof phase.

The other day she told me she was feeling twitches and that paddling’s were in order and she thought a preview of coming attractions would be good. We were driving at the time and our GPS, Glenda, was lost. Bacall said that if Glenda had a bottom, she would paddle it good for getting lost. That told me she was fixated on paddling. So later in the day, we warmed up each other. All through the evening she remarked about how she was going to paddle me in the morning. Of course, all this did was to rev me up to the same excited state she was in.

Sunday morning, she put on her paddle-me-good polka dot panties and for the first time in months I donned a pair of panties – plain white nylon – that Santa brought me.

We alternated paddling each other. She likes her light wood paddle first, while I prefer a heavy paddle first. She likes to be paddled over her panties for a long time, while I like it bare from the start. We both got good doses of the stings-like-heck teacher’s paddle and a finale with our old stand-by red paddle. There was hot kissing and fondling going on through out.

paddles in play

Today’s paddle selections: From left, Bacall’s fav warm-up paddle of  light pine, the principal’s paddle she uses on me – heavy pine. We both got the next two: the teacher’s stings-like-heck paddle made of ash and finally the old reliable red paddle. It was our first paddle. Still works.

I started off this post saying that I no longer enjoyed long paddle sessions. Today was an exception. I was paddle proof. Was it because she had me so turned on before hand?

Of course, after our bottoms were hot we then engaged in friction activities which I am sure you can well imagine.


  1. Does a twitch give rise to a spanking thought... or the other way around? Can either exist without the other?

  2. It sounds funny, but I know exactly what Bacall means by spanking twitches, being a switch I have had those.

    Also I have believed for a long time that women can take a harder spanking than most men can, they just seem to have more tolerance for spanking pain, at least that is true in my experience. Which would explain why Bogey was getting to his limit and Bacall was wanting more.

    I am sure the after care made the spankings very worthwhile :)


  3. That was a very hot post! Thank you for sharing.



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