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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top Or Bottom?

top or bottom

Is she about to spank or be spanked? I know the answer. I was there. What do you say?

top or bottom2

If you missed the first one, try this one.

I know women like to dress up to be spanked. I know our male readers like to have their spankers dressed. So why in all the home spanking clips I have seen are the men and women dressed like they are going to the gym? Are Bacall and Cora (of Ken and Cora) the only women to dress up to give a paddling?

Hello? Anyone out there?


  1. Waving hand... hey, I got the first one right without the clue! Wha'd I win? Or maybe since you were there I should ask what YOU won?

    So yes, it is a little surprising with us guys being visually inclined like we are that you don't see a little more "mood setting" with the gals whose laps are waiting for us. Then again, I'd have to say the same for the guys too. I doubt a pair of lounge pants and holey T-shirt provide much inspiration to the gals to get their spank on!

    That's why we miss the good old days when ladies undergarments gave us a thrill... and the ladies miss the day when menswear wasn't a pair of camouflage cut-offs and a wife beater undershirt.

    Maybe we all need to start a new spanko day like Love Our Lurkers Day. We can call it Sunday Go To Meetin' Spank Day where the ladies wear dresses, nylons and heels... and the guys dig the suits and fedora's out of the closet.

  2. I like to dress up to give a spanking. At least if it is a special occasion (and especially for a clip). As a spanker, I prefer a long dress or skirt and blouse, though, not lingerie like in your pictures. I like it to be sexy, but a bit more formal... ;-)

  3. I know about the second one, who is a pro dom, so She is a top. The first picture I like very much, and I am guessing that knee is up there for a naughty boy, to bend over and present his bare bottom for a good sound spanking..... so obviously to me she is a top as well.


  4. I tend to be dressed in my usual day clothes, and often in night clothes as I do love a good bed time spanking.

    1. Yes Aunty, we all tend to sleep better after a good spanking before bedtime :)


  5. Indeed I am a very lucky guy to have Cora in my life. Not only does she dress up before giving me a paddling, but often she dresses up 'just because'. She often wears her girdles and nylon stockings under her jeans, and often because her jeans are nicely snug, there are hints of her 'garter bumps'.

    As Tex mentioned above, these kinds of things give us guys all kinds of thrills.

  6. Ok, I admit..I was wrong.
    The picture reminded me of a photo from myself, looking a bit the same and eventhough I could have had a dominant still was the same submissive/masochist me :-)

    I love to dress up, just to please my Monsieur but also for myself. In daily life (with kids, cats and a dog) it is not always practial but in the evenings I tend to dress up just for my own pleasure. And ofcourse for Monsieur's as well. Sometimes I ask him for a suggestion, other times I completely surprise him. Somehow this still works quit well, when he expects me to enter the room in a trashy schoolgirl outfit I wear something highly classic, or when he expects me wearing a long dress I choose to wear a short skirt. It is a mutual pleasure we both benefit from.

  7. Love the topic. My blog is focused primarily on the fashion angle of spanking.


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