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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What’s Sexy

Well, spanking is sexy to us. But, that should be obvious to readers of this Blog. What’s on my wee brain today are photographs. I guess the first email with an attachment was of a cock sent to some woman he did not know. Well, women are now into taking photographs of themselves. I don’t know if they are sending them to men or not, but they sure as heck are being posted on Tumblr sites.

I like pictures of women - bottoms, boobs, fine - if tastefully done. But, I don’t want to see tats, piercings or their hoo-hah's. Not sexy. Perhaps, I am missing some vital male gene for feeling this way?

When their kids see these pictures, and they will, I wonder if Mom will feel any regret?

This is sexy to me.



Or if you prefer yellow denim in short shorts.

short shorts99


  1. Good point, I love sexy pictures of Ladies, but not interested in pictures of the genitals. Bottoms and boobs are great, especially when they are presented in a nice sexy way. Sometimes a few sexy cloths are even sexier than nude. I find all those pictures you show above, very sexy! Many times when I spank a Ladies bare bottom I never see her genitals, and if I do I am definitely not going to put a picture of it out there on the internet. Just one man's opinion, I am sure there are many out there who disagree.

  2. I think pictures of women look much more sexy if they are wearing something even if it's a skimpy something.


  3. Amen and amen. There is something called esthetics and sadly, that is exactly what is so often lacking in the iconography of this little niche in the world. Thank you for speaking for many of us out here in the web wasteland. . . ..


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