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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Birthday Story

I think some of the male readers might like this story. Yeah, I know this is the Age of Tumblr, but… Anywho, this story is edgy for me, complete submission.

    Her office was a mix of control and chaos. Texts and journals bookmarked and stacked, medical equipment boxed by the door, but her desk was neat and businesslike. The secretary reminded her of her nine o'clock appointment and then left to pick up office supplies and run errands. Elise consulted her appointment book and smiled a secret smile of pleasure.  She cleared away a few things and invited her guest to take a seat by her desk.

    He was nervous, but concealed it well. "So, why are you here?" she queried. "I believe you know why."  he said, trying to seem stern. "Of course I do, but I enjoy hearing you tell me."   She stood close to his chair,  and looked down at him, smirking.  "It's my birthday."    "And..." she prompted. 

  "And, I am to be paddled." She sat back down at her desk, making sure he got a glimpse of her tall heels and short skirt. She looked at him, smiling a
devilish smile and slowly opened her drawer. She studied the contents of the drawer for a long moment and pulled out a  black paddle and carressed it.
"Yes, that's right. And you know what?  I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Can you even begin to imagine how much pleasure it will give me to
see you brace yourself for the next blow? To see your ass turn red as fire??"

  She stepped near him again and stroked his cheek. Then she gave him a deep long kiss, reminding him why he would thrill to submit to her.

   She handed him the paddle and then excused herself. He could hear her at the desk out front, making calls, arranging the rest of her week. The paddle felt heavy in his hands. He feared it. How different this was. Before, he was the one feeling masterful, in control, powerful. Today he felt unsure, giddy, excited. What would happen?  How severe would she be?  He knew she would show no mercy. He knew she would take him far down a dark path. Would he be able to let go and fall into the abyss of submission?  Of complete pleasure and safety?

     She returned and took the paddle from him. "I want you to kneel in this chair, now. "  This was unexpected; he had assumed she would bend him across her desk. He felt off balance, confused. But he assumed the awkward position.
His ass jutted out, unprotected, vulnerable. She stood beside him and patted him with the paddle. "So what do you think, Matt? Are you ready for me to paddle your ass? "  He hesitated and she struck him hard. "I SAID, are you ready for me to paddle your ass?"     "Yes, I'm ready!"  He said quickly,
almost a whisper.  Still patting the now fiery spot, she hissed,  "You'll say YES Mistress when I talk to you." Another hard blow of the paddle took his breath away. "Yes, Mistress."  He was already feeling an edge of panic. How could he maintain control, not be reduced to begging, if the pain was already harsh? 

    She laughed, " We're just getting started. When I'm through with you, you'll KNOW  your Mistress loves you. Isn't that right?"  Another flurry of
hard strokes fell. He gripped the back of the chair, but couldn't suppress the gasps of pain. She continued to paddle him, slowly and deliberately. Each
stroke broke down his defenses at bit until he was soon moaning unashamedly with each stroke of the paddle. Her power over him was intoxicating, and his
body responded.

    "Stand up.  Are you enjoying your birthday paddling, Matt?"   He straightened up and turned to face her. She noticed the large bulge in his pants and smirked. "Oh yes, I believe you are enjoying yourself just fine.  What's this?"  she demanded.  He turned red and felt a huge wave of uncontrollable shame. "Take your pants down. I want to see this big cock."  

He was burning now with humiliation but obeyed her. She stroked his cock and squeezed him until he was rock hard. He reached to touch himself, but she
commanded him to put his hands behind his back. She patted his thighs with the paddle and continued to stare. He died a thousand deaths as he waited for
her next instructions. 

    "Now I want you to put your hands on my desk and bend over. Spread those feet apart."  Pants around his ankles he obeyed her. She reached between his
legs and handled his balls and pressed his asshole. "You're mine, to do with as I please. Do you understand that?"   "Yes Mistress" he answered hoarsely.

She began to paddle him again, harder, until the last time he straightened and looked back at her. "What is it?"   "I don't know if I can take any more."   "Yes, you will. In fact, I want you to assume the position and ASK
for it. NOW."  He closed his eyes. He could either stop this madness and leave, or shed his last remnant of control and submit to her completely. A wave of a thousand colors swept over him as he bowed his head and resumed his punishment position. "Yes, Mistress. Paddle me. Discipline me. Use me for your pleasure. I submit to you."

    The burst of pain was sweet this time. He knew he would take whatever she gave him. His cock was hard and he felt her hand on him stroking, pulling,
even as she paddled him harder. The tension of his struggle to remain in position, the exquisite pleasure of her hands, and the excitement of the
paddle all caused him to come in a blinding surge of release. He sagged to his knees, overcome by the power of the experience.  She let him rest a
moment, her breath ragged too. Then she knelt beside him, and lovingly ran her hands over him and held him close while he came back to earth. "I love you."  "Yes, Mistress".       


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