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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Do You Like To Be Spanked?

Jacqueline Omerta is a psychologist, pro-domme, wife, and self-confessed spanko. She is the author of "You Would If You Loved Him" written to help women understand the needs of submissive men.


The reasons why someone likes to be spanked may be as varied as the ways there are to be spanked. All of us have wondered where our fetish comes from.

Something Mrs. Omerta said makes some sense to me.  She said that fear and humiliation are so powerful it can become sexually linked. I know that I feared being paddled as a kid. I know that it was humiliating when other kids knew I was paddled.

I am sure you know of people who because of a prior trauma where fear or stress, justified or not, has rendered them incapable of leading a normal life. Fear causes the release all sorts of hormones. So those hormones coursing through our bodies at a tender age could be one reason that some of us come to relish being spanked.

I will never forget the fear that erupted in me every time I was sentenced to a paddling. Normally there was a wait from the time of the sentence to the execution. A time that I stewed in my own juices, hormones, so to speak. If others knew that I was to be paddled or found out about it later, that made it all the worse for me.

So perhaps fear and humiliation made me a spanko? It’s the best theory I have heard that fits me. Or maybe that’s just psycho mumbo-jumbo?


  1. I fall in that category. A fear of getting spanked in front of the class, exposed to other kids, especially girls who never got spanked and loved to tease. I got a strong spanking fetish. Happily enough my wife, after decades of rejecting my kink (I will be your ultimate domme not giving you what you are longing for) gave me my first spanking 17 years ago, and since then no longer needs any encouragement to give me hard otk maintenance spankings. It made our relation so much better.


  2. to me it is the humiliation and embarrassment of the prespanking, then followed by can i stand up to the pains and stress of the spanking itself. when i was seven my mom spanked me pants down and but naked in front of 4 female classmates of mine and one of there mothers. i was so humiliated i wanted to never go to school again,l turned out that the girls were impressed by how well i took the spanking and even how much i blushed when i stood and apologized to them before being allowed to run home to cry my eyes out at the humiliation of it all. it was a life changing experience and from then on i enjoyed being spanked by any female willing to correct me either for real or as fantasy fun.

  3. Growing up in the 50's, I was frequently on the receiving end of the paddle, both at home and at school. I got in trouble one time with a female cousin, I was about 13 and she was 12, her mother was Mom's Sister. We were both paddled at the same time Bare bottom by our Mothers. I was paddled several times in high school in front of the class, We would have to go up in front of the class and grab our ankles for a few swats from the paddle, fully clothed of course. Spanking in school was very common in those days, at least where I grew up, and usually the spanking was given by a Lady teacher. That was probably how I became a spanko, at least in part, because I would very much enjoy watching a Lady teacher give a spanking, and finally got to the point that even though embarrasing, I would fantasize about getting spanked by a female teacher.

  4. Bogey-
    I love this subject and appreciate the candor that both you and those who left comments, described some of their 'beginnings'. I sure wish I had a Female Teacher that looked like Ms. Omerta when I was in school. It would probably have encouraged me to get into trouble enough to earn a paddling. Sadly, I was not spanked during my school days but watching others get the paddle, certainly impacted my interests (needs?) in getting spanked by a woman (like happened this morning! - Thanks Dave).

  5. Jackie O is one of my Farorite spankers

  6. nice topic thank you and thumb up !


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