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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ultimate Humiliation

The more I think about it, the more I think humiliation of a child of primary school age can be one path that leads being a spanko. I am not suggesting it is the only way and there is no way I can prove it even in my case. But, it seems reasonable.

In our post Why Do You Like To Be Spanked, it was advanced that fear and humiliation are so powerful they can become sexually linked. I know that I feared being paddled as a kid. I know that it was humiliating when other kids knew I was paddled. Consider that hormones that are released in the womb determine both physical attributes, the way are able to reason and how we are able to deal with life; it makes sense to me that hormones released due to fear or humiliation can also affect us after we are born.

In the second grade I got the ultimate humiliation. My in school behavior was not controlled by paddling so the teacher conspired with my mother and got a cloth diaper. When I acted up, she took me to the cloak room and put the diaper on me. Then I had to stand before the class and pull down my pants so the class could all see me in a diaper. Is that not one of the most despicable things you have ever heard? Not discipline, but child abuse.

After the guffaws settled down, I was taken back to the cloak room and paddled on the bare bottom. Of course the whole class could hear. Can you imagine having to see these same kids every day? Some of them through the twelfth grade?


Did it cure my behavior? NO. I was ADD. But that was something that I did not know about until I was almost 40.

Can you imagine a good relationship with me Mother after that? Can you understand why to this day, I don’t automatically respect people in positions of authority the way you might.

I am finally old enough to admit this happened to me.


  1. Yikes! That's terrible child abuse!

  2. I had a somewhat similar experience in High School. In 1956 I was a freshman, and the tradition was that the seniors got to initiate the freshmen. Part of my initiation was to wear a diaper to school on initiation day. Of course it was over my undershorts, but nevertheless it was very embarrassing. I remember my Mother even enjoyed getting me all fixed up in my diaper ;(

  3. How terrible. What kind of people think that kind of treatment will help with behavior? I was ADHD, but I didn't have that kind of treatment even though they didn't know what my problem was. For me, one of the most humiliating things was having to get up in front of class and apologize for something I didn't do. That is nothing compared to what happened to you. Gads!

  4. Not sure I agree with your theory, I had a pretty perfect childhood and still had spanko tendencies from an early age :-) What happened to you is definitely child abuse in my book, blimey.

  5. That sounds like a really horrible experience, Bogey!

    I agree with Wordsmith, though, there definitely must be other ways to become kinky. Like Wordsmith, I had a perfectly happy childhood but nonetheless my kinky fantasies were there from an early age.

  6. That is truly mind boggling. A parent that abuses a child like that is unfit (IMHO). I don't know how I would have handled that as a child. It probably would be the beginning of the demise of a close relationship with my Mother. Even allowing, no less participating, is pathetic. Yes, I am/was ADHD, but my parents in a million years would not have done what this woman did. If anything, they would have taken appropriate action against anyone teacher this to me.

    I don't know if that would have made me kinky or totally against any time of kinky play. I guess wiser minds will have to ponder that question.

    Discipline like that goes beyond what a parent should be entitled to do. Today, she probably would have been in court and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation (and that probably would have been a good idea).


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