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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Ruler

Did you ever have to hold your hand out for slaps with a ruler?

the ruler

If so, I am sure you recall the event with as much fondness as I do. Perhaps three on one hand and you thought you were done, only to hear Hold out your other hand.


  1. I never had to hold out my hand for the ruler but I sure had lots of fantasies about getting spanked with one during my school years.

  2. I have never seen anyone getting the ruler in that way but having spent part of my childhood in Scotland I did see many boys and girls receiving the tawse on their palms. And as you say it was normally on both hands. The culprit would normally walk back to their desk blowing on their hands whilst at the same time trying to give the impression that it hadn't hurt. I managed to avoid ever being punished myself in this way and hand punishment has never really figured in my fantasies.

  3. I grew up in Canada where "getting the strap"as pretty common in the 1960s.

    The Canadian school strap was a piece of canvass coated with rubber.

    If you where to get the strap, you were usually taken into the hallway. You alternately gave the teacher each hand and received a smack across each. You never knew how many you would get until you were told to go and sit at your desk. I will attest to the fact that your palms would get mighty red and stinging in the process.

    I personally never got more than six, but I did have friends that got as many as a dozen.

    Let me admit this: I did provoke each and every one of the strappings I got. The first was to find out how it felt. The rest were to get it again.

    If I were ever to find one of these straps, I would gleefully provoke my wife to carry on the tradition. I will, in the meantime, keep presenting my bare bottom with good, vigorous, old fashioned spankings.

  4. Got the ruler at least twice that I can remember in Sacred Heart in the early 70's.
    Was not fun; "then". ;)

  5. No hand slaps or bottoms spankings in my all girls school but in the boys school next door a few had the ruler.


  6. I did get the ruler on my hands at school and can honestly say it didn't hurt that much but I have also felt the tawse on my hands and that is a different story Ouch! I can honestly say I have been tawsed on both hands and bottom, both hurt very much but given the choice I would take it on my bottom rather than my hands any day. That said, these days I don't get to choose, if she says bend over, I bend! lol


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