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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 6, 2012

Laps - I

Being a 50/50 switch, my post topics are all over the place. But, I do try to post about f/m spanking, than m/f spanking. I hope that works for you. Today, I briefly discuss my attraction to pictures of the laps of females. And thank you to the women who wear the apparel that so appeals to us.

There is something quite erotic to me about female laps. OK, female anything. Perhaps this goes back to my teen years. I never got enough of such sights.

I sent a regular reader a birds eye picture of a female lap. Like this one.


While both of us enjoy having our bottoms warmed by females, he especially likes being hair brushed OTK. That’s mainstream. I enjoy the view presented in the picture, but prefer to stand and take my licks. That said, I enjoy a pre-paddling discussion with the lady presenting herself as above while we chat. Call it foreplay.

Wanna see another one?


No implements shown. What you see is in all in your mind.

Last one for today.fmlap087

Is this sexy to you?

It is to me.

A lot sexier than nudity.


  1. Right On! Oh, how I love the lap of a 'properly dressed' Lady who will soon turn your bottom on fire, whether it be in the classic OTK position, or bent over for her paddle (or both).

    Of course, I have taken lots and lots of pix of Cora's lucious lap.

    Great (and fun) Post!

  2. Ken is right on, love laps of ladies as you show plus very hot when they give you a peak at their panty.

    Very hot

  3. Thats true...even i had the same experience , u can visit

  4. Being barefoot in the second pic., is an innocuous detail that makes everyone who reads this blog pine for OTK! Or maybe just me?

  5. It is absolutely lovely, this is what I hope she does just before she requires me to go over her lap!


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