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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jackie O

Jacqueline Omerta is a psychologist, pro-domme, wife, and self-confessed spanko. She is the author of "You Would If You Loved Him" written to help women understand the needs of submissive men.


Some things she has written:

“Never make him beg for fetish play. That's something he'll find off-putting and cause him to harbor resentment.”

I think that goes equally for men. Keep her well spanked. If she gets cranky, spank her some more. I also advocate asking for a spanking. It’s OK to be adult about it.

"Submissive males interpret humiliation as an expression of their devotion."

I think that goes for some women also. I can not relate to an adult need for humiliation. I read other Blogs where the men desire to be locked up and never get laid. They are allowed to service their wives orally. OK, but that is not in my world.

Something Mrs. Omerta said does make some sense to me. All of us have wondered where our fetish comes from. She said that fear and humiliation are so powerful it can become sexually linked. I know that I feared being paddled as a kid. I know that it was  humiliating when other kids knew I was paddled. Perhaps this is where I got it? Or maybe that just psycho mumbo-jumbo?

"… Men do think and fantasize about other women….it's essential if you want to truly participate in his inner sexual world."

When I think about other women, it’s a partner for Bacall. Something like this.


It was common to have another teacher present to witness paddling's at my school. One teacher paddled, while the other watched. But, in my fantasy I like to have both wielding paddles. A few times, it has been real life. And don’t tell me women don’t get competitive.

"Bedroom Talk doesn't mean that you'll necessarily do everything you say. It's all about weaving a verbal fantasy about things you know he desires and thinks about in private."

Bacall is skilled in this. She can tell a story she knows will ring all my bells. The always begin with Once upon a time.


  1. Obvioulsy a book worth getting, I am on the fence with the whole deep dive into why I love to be spanked but I like some of what you quoted.

  2. The question where our kinks come from is always an interesting, but also a very difficult one. I tend to believe that one is either born with a predisposition for a certain erotic kink or that it comes from very early experiences which one doesn't even remember actively. The reason for my belief is that many spankos whom I know had kinky fantasies already at a very young age and several of them weren't spanked in their childhood at all and had those fantasies nonetheless. When I stumbled across a spanking scene in a book, I felt that it somehow produced a strange thrill, even though I found the idea of things like that happening for real horrible. It wasn't until much later that I learned to know about the concept of erotic CP. What I also think, though, is that the details of one's kinky fantasies can indeed be shaped by certain experiences. But in my opinion the general predisposition is already there at least from a very early age on.

  3. So the redhead in the second pic. holding the paddle; Madison Young (why not) could make many, & or all of my problems go away. Would I think about "other women" if Miss Young was...
    Let's try to find out I say?

    Jacqueline has been around for what seems like forever. Can't say that I buy into her "humiliation" rational but with that being said, she has probably heard it all as it pertains to spank?

  4. Yup. I would like this too, i like the shot of these two in their underwear...


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