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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, February 24, 2012

Girdle Fetish

SpankedByMylady features frequent pictures of Cora in attractive girdles and hose. We share with them an appreciation of lingerie.

Here is Cora with a glimpse of her stocking top below her skirt line.

You Are Summoned

I know I would like to follow her up the stairs and bend over for a few pops of her paddle.

Being a switch, I also like to paddle women in girdles. This one would suit me nicely.

lingerie girdle99

We went panty girdle shopping in Mexico last week. Some of their panty girdles have pockets in the front for concealing money. Never seen that in the states. Anyway, we picked up three pair and we have christened two of them. I paddled Bacall in a bright red one and she paddled me in a beige one. It is an inexpensive way to indulge a fetish and have a little fun. It also helps that we wear the same size.


  1. Bogey and Bacall-
    Both Cora and I were flattered to see you post one of our favorite pics of her. Indeed, following her up the stairs is a treat even if she will be using that paddle a little later.

    Its an interesting coincidence that you should mention us today as we celebrate our two year anniversary today. I celebrated by posting some pix of Cora's lap with her skirt hiked up above her stocking tops showing plenty of her panty girdle.

    And another coincidence, Cora just received two PantyGirdles in the mail yesterday, the result of a shopping trip via a catalog.

    So its fun to indulge in our little 'fetish' and its really nice to share with others on the net too.

    Ken and Cora

  2. The same size? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . . wondering if that is going to get you walloped a bit harder than you might like . . .


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