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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, January 27, 2012

In The Fourth Grade

I was personally acquainted with the paddle from the first grade on. When I was in the fourth grade, I was walking down the hall during class and when I passed the sixth grade room, I saw a girl giving herself swats with a paddle like this one.

Camera:   DCS620X<br />Serial #: K620X-00979<br />Width:    1728<br />Height:   1152<br />Date:  1/28/90<br />Time:   6:33:22<br />DCS6XX Image<br />FW Ver:   3.2.3<br />TIFF Image<br />Look:   Product<br />Sharpening Requested: Yes<br />Counter:    [12220]<br />Shutter:  1/60<br />Aperture:  f5.6<br />ISO Speed:  400<br />Max Aperture:  f3.5<br />Min Aperture:  f22<br />Focal Length:  24<br />Exposure Mode:  Program AE (P)<br />Meter Mode:  Color Matrix<br />Drive Mode:  Single<br />Focus Mode:  Single (AF-S)<br />Focus Point:  Bottom<br />Flash Mode:  Normal Sync<br />Compensation:  +0.0<br />Flash Compensation:  +0.0<br />Self Timer Time:  10s<br />White balance: Preset (Flash)<br />Time: 06:33:22.004

I was mesmerized. The teacher was supervising and the whole class was watching. I froze and watched until I felt I would be caught the next second.

Who she was or what she did I never found out.


  1. Today you would have whipped out your cell phone, captured the moment, blackmailed the teacher into giving you an upclose and personal experience after school. . . .. After getting all you could from her you post it on Youtube [or SpankingTube] and watch the fires rage out of conrol. The times they are a'changin'.

  2. They never paddled at our school, but rulers were regularly applied to bottoms and legs, the ultimate was 'the strap', which only the headmaster/mistress was permitted to administer.

  3. Who she was is irrelavnet as the paddle trumps all!
    Like that the one girl has her hand on her bottom while watching the paddling.


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