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Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanks, But I Really Don’t Care To See Your Hoohah

I came of age when Playboy was young. The girls were attractive, the parts were round and perky and everything was air brushed to exquisite perfection. Their plumbing was never depicted. A competitor magazine later did show full frontal nudity, but as I recall the legs were not spread and muffs were still in style.

It’s a new world now. I think every woman under 40 has her hoohah on the web. Usually with her legs spread, so one can imagine whatever folks who like this sort of thing like to imagine. I just scroll down.

I see this more and more on commercial spanking sites. Guess that’s why I retreat when I see it’s a commercial site. The situations are unreal, the women not all that attractive, they are being spanked for some flimsy reason, and spanked poorly. There they are with their tats and hoohah. Waxing gives women the adolescent look.

I will not be around when the now 25 year old woman’s kids find pictures of Mom with her legs spread. The kids will know for sure where they came from.

Curious to me is that women will show their faces along with their hoohah, but not their faces when being spanked. Explain that.

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Fritz Willis


  1. I agree completely, and the same goes for me with men's privates. I don't care how big it is, I don't want to see it in a picture.

    Now, a nicely rounded, muscular bottom....


  2. Nothing nicer than a pair of white panties when it comes to spanking pics. Having said that spanking hoohahs (or bits) with the open palm or a small whip can be very stimulating, but even then a cleverly taken photo does not need to display all the detail. Looking forward to reading your 12 days of Christmas.

  3. I prefer tight trouser or knickers pics. Those pants don't have to come down far, and ladies keep your legs closed. No pics of Mrs CS bits or anyone elses on my blog.

  4. Couldn't agree more... the imagination is a terrible thing to waste!

  5. I don't mind seeing the bottom in a good spanking picture, but I prefer it to be done tastefully, and I totally agree with Hermione.

  6. I, too grew up in that magick era when there was plenty left to the imagination. There was something hot about those pix of partially clothed ladies, many of whom were beautifully 'round'.

  7. I'm a picture person and love to put them to a post but I don't need ones showing men's private. As Hermione says a nice muscular bottom, very nice.


  8. I completely agree. And at this time of the year naughty elf costumes are good!

  9. I prefer pictures without any close-ups of private parts, too. I even sometimes like clothed or semi-closed spanking pictures or videos more than nude ones.

    That said, I don't mind frontal nudity in spanking clips or pictures (that goes for males as well as for females), as long as it is done aesthetically and there are no open leg shots or close-ups of boobs.


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