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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pain and Pleasure

A regular reader sent this picture.

A Swat Too Far

I judged that it was not Monica, but the result of a man being spanked OTK and having a happy ending.

I wrote him back and said this is another situation where I am not with the mainstream bottoms. I could never come from a spanking. In fact, I lose my bone when I go OTK. I know this is a favorite of men from reading stories and listening to women talk about getting come on their skirts. It's just not me.

He replied: I wonder if it IS mainstream? Do all guys that enjoy getting spanked always get an erection before or during? I guess I'm not in that group since I seem to get aroused "mentally" rather than physically before or during a spanking. I can watch a spanking or think about getting spanked or giving a spanking and get turned on physically but when it comes to getting a boner right before going over the female lap it has rarely happened.

I guess my query is whether there are two types of spanko's... those that have a physical, sexual reaction to spanking... and those that have an emotional one. What role does sexual pain play, I wonder? Do you have to be at least somewhat masochistic to sexually enjoy getting a painful spanking? I know if I did sprout a boner before a spanking because of the sexually charged atmosphere, there's just no way I can imagine that I would keep it once the paddle or hairbrush began to introduce itself to my backside. For me maybe, I guess it's the "thought" of pain rather than the actual pain, that's sexy. I don't know... it's one of the mysteries of TTWD that I still don't have a good answer for. Feel free to enlighten me... please! LOL

Can any readers shed some light on this topic?


  1. Hi, it's been a while since I've left a comment, sorry about that.

    It all depends on the situation for me, I do enjoy going OTK, and the warm feel of the lap below me. But I have to say if I know it's going to be a hard spanking my erection disappears quickly, as opposed to any other type of spanking.

    And yes I have come while over Her lap, which earned me more of the spanking I was already getting.

    But in any event it's always fun, even if I complain to myself later.

    Good Question.


  2. This is an interesting question. It's tough for me to answer, mainly because I'm usually the one spanking my wife, but we do switch sometimes.

    I've often wondered if it is possible to come while getting spanked over her knee. I can certainly get hard before the spanking, and she will sometimes gently stroke me before I go over her lap to make sure I am hard. However, I find it tough to maintain an erection during a spanking.

    The two things I have noticed that help (to stay hard) are:
    1. she is spanking with her hand, and
    2. her spanks land not only on each cheek individually, but also a few right on the butt crack.
    It also helps if the spanks are delivered to the lower two-thirds of the butt (which should be the main spanking target, in my opinion). If she is using any wooden implement - hairbrush, paddle, bathbrush - I certainly don't maintain an erection.

    I've often read that a spanking hurts more after you've come, and we've tried that too. She jerked me off, and then spanked me. Did it hurt more than usual? Tough to say - maybe a little - but a fun experiment!

    My long-winded reply can be summed up with this: I think a lot of guys want to try getting spanked because they think they might be able to come, but in reality it's much more difficult than often thought. If others have achieved this, I'd be interested to hear how.


  3. Trivia question. Do you know who was born on Christmas Day. Answer. Your namesake Humphrey Bogart. Season's Greetings to 'Our Bottoms Burn", and many more to come. I like your blog, especially when you display 'Corsets, and Girdles", They look fantastically sexually and erotically exciting. Do you Bacall wear these type of feminine garments?.

  4. I basically agree with your experience. Talking about a spanking can surely get me aroused, and I may even be hard when I go over her knee. But when the hard spanks begin, the stiffness goes away. It can come right back after the spanking, and my wife usually satisfies me at that point as she is often aroused too, especially if she has spanked me hard. It sort of seems like conflicting conclusions, but everyone is usually soon satisfied.

  5. Seems to be an individual thing for all. For me, . . . erect before, during, and after [unless there is an orgasm in the middle]. And she has made me cum just from spanking with no touching the erection. And I think each of us who experiences this differently has difficulty apprehending other experiences.

  6. I have had times when that has happened, but mostly when the spanking is more of the erotic kind given by hand. If I get a hard discipline spanking with a hair brush or wooden paddle, usually the erection will go away. Generally my Lady likes to spank hard so I remember the punishment for a good while after. But then she gives me a lot of after care, she will put lotion on my sore bottom, and hold me close cuddling, and when that happens back comes the erection. She knows how to take care of that too :)


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