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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Memory Of Bacall

I was enjoying reading Zelle’s Blog while slurping my first coffee and I noticed her top was down. I thought I don't think she has posted pictures like that before. And then I thought I saw a mic and thought Oh boy there will be a video clip. Well, what I thought was a mic was another type of electro-mechanical device. I wrote her that I thought it was great that she felt feel enough free to put it all out there. She plays like we do. Spanking is sexual. No time for that other stuff.

Anywho, her post made me recall something that happened long ago, in another universe, Bacall was being flogged before an audience of close friends. Everyone was around the fire enjoying it's
warmth while she was enjoying an all altogether different source of
warmth. She was bound to the wall but she was most definitely enjoying herself as I had never heard before. When she was turned facing us, I could see in her eyes that she was in a high state of arousal. I figured she was really enjoying the way the guy was handling her.

Shortly, another man that she had spent a long time with before dinner told me that he had put a remote control vibrator on her and he had the control in his pocket. Ah, that explained Miss Bright Eyes
reaction to the flogger.

Has she changed over the years? This morning Bacall was bent over wiggling and singing How do you like it? More, more, more!
Very disgraceful of her don’t you think?


  1. A remote control vibrator - what fun! That was a lovely description of Bacall enjoying herself. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yes Bogey a lovely description of Bacall. Thanks.



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