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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tan Lines

I like the bottom out-lined either with lingerie or the old fashi0n way with tan lines. I understand that modern women no longer have tan lines, but can’t old men have a preference for things of the past? Could the enjoyment of tan lines be a fetish?

I started this post weeks ago. Meanwhile, Bonnie was on vacation and wrote about her tan line.

I moved the chaise out into the sunlight and hiked up the leg openings of my bathing suit to expose the outer two thirds of my bottom. I spent the next half hour prone on the chaise, reading my book and soaking in some vitamin D.
When I got up, I went inside and removed my swimsuit. To my delight, I now had diagonal tan lines in the shape of a wide "V" across my bottom.

No wonder I enjoy her Blog.

tan line

Remember when barber chairs were sought after and common in homes?


Remember the Flip hair style? Then you are old! The Flip was popular when this furniture was stylish.


This one has my fav tan lines.

Have you asked for your spanking today?


  1. Great. Number 3 is gorgeous and well worth tanning.
    Michael M

  2. Sensational top photo: Daddy's nasty hickory switch is arriving in 17 seconds young lady ! The most amazing soft, sensitive bare botty in the blogosphere. The tan lines and tender white bottom (bared for Daddy !) Make you the most essential naughty girl !


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