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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, November 18, 2011

Asking For It–In Application

This is a spanking Blog, so we should be writing about our spankings. Well, we have and we will, but we have already told you everything. It is real difficult for us to write something new and interesting about our spanking play.

Ken of SpankedByMyLady commented on our post about holey paddles which created a few email exchanges about paddles which in turn resulted in my recalling a 9ply birch plywood I made many years ago. This sucker is round and 3/4” thick. It packs a wallop. I found it in the old toy bag along with several of it’s chums which had not seen daylight in years. I selected four of them for a paddle party and told Bacall to select her toys for a joint session the next day.

When Bacall saw one of the paddles, she cooed and said it was one of her favs – to use on me. Thanks Ken for a great paddling! Bacall used everyone of them on me.

What did Bacall select for herself? Her holey paddle and the Teacher’s paddle. I was pleased to put some color in her bottom with them.

So that’s how we ask for a paddling around here. Not all are spankings are requested, but all are fun and consensual.

Here’s Ken’s Cora with one of his well made holey paddles.

And may I say that Cora is rather well made herself.

I Am Going To Paddle You

I don’t know about you, but my bottom clenches up a bit thinking how Cora might use that paddle. I think I know the drill - bend bare bottom over the stool and hold on tight to the lower rungs and wait for the whoosh and then the burn. Would she allow me to catch my breath before the next lick?

I would like to say that I appreciate that Ken and Cora feel free to share pictures of themselves. And even sent me this picture which I have not seen before.

Thanks to those of you who do comment. It often results in an idea for a post.


  1. Ken and Cora do have a great blog, and it's wonderful that they post pictures of themselves. I salute them for that!


  2. Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

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    Thanks for share,
    * Rio Prasetyo *

  3. Its great to hear that we have 'inspired' both you and Ms. Bacall. And thanks for posting one of our pix. Its certainly an honor to be featured. And I, too, had a taste of her 'Spencer' paddle (pictured here), just two days ago. Inspiration is a wonderful thing!

    Ken (and Cora, too)

  4. Cora has done this once or twice I am thinking?
    Bless her heart!


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