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Monday, October 17, 2011

Girdle Spanking

It’s Fetish Monday.

Gentle reader Tex sent me some notes about girdles and spanking and got me revved up on the subject – again. So this is all his fault. While we both embrace our fetish of women wearing girdles, Tex wants to go over their Lycra covered laps, while I am more eager to paddle their girdled bottoms.

I am equally ardent about wearing a not much control panty girdle before Bacall puts the wood to me. It just a fun thing for us. Where the fetish came from I have no idea. It’s much like why do any of us like spanking.

I was looking forward to our both donning panty girdles for our first play on our road trip, but in all the pre-trip confusion Bacall did not pack one. I like for us to put them on and snuggle for awhile before we paddle each other. I like to rub her Lycra covered bottom. The fact is that we both get to rubbing each other until we are hot and it’s all we can do to stop and paddle each other.

This is the picture Tex sent. The italicized text is his.

A Lap I'd Leap Over

Just curious, can you predict a spanko's predilections for ladies lingerie by the generation they were born in? I guess if so then I feel sorry for those born in the latter 60's early 70's when pantyhose replaced the stockings, nylon panties and girdles women wore during my youth when I was secreting all those department store catalogs into my bed at night....

Pantyhose were generally available in 1965, but it was the early 70’s when they became the bane of “romance”.

I agree Ladies lingerie has seriously gone downhill in my way of thinking. I'm sure the ladies wouldn't agree but danggit... the fact is that lingerie from the 50's and 60's just made a hot gal... even hotter. That glimpse of bare thigh above nylons... the FEEL of silky nylon panties beneath her tight skirt or jeans... yummy!  Imagining what lying over those nylon clad thighs would feel like? Sigh... I miss the good 'ol days Bogey, truly there is much to miss. In the meantime, gals like Ms. Bacall and Mrs. Tex are still hot, right? At least THAT ain't changed a bit!

A glimpse of bare thigh was certainly exciting. But that thrill is lost to “progress”. Now we have bare legs. Oh well, Tex and I will not be around forever and with our generation will die the attraction for such lingerie. Just like a cod piece.


  1. I totally agree, I was born in the era of high heels, stockings, and girdles. Women wore slips, and dresses, you just don't find that attire in vogue anymore.

    And when I see a woman today wearing heels, and a dress, I wonder if the those are stockings she has on or pantyhose. Things have certainly changed, since the 50's and early 60's.

    But we still have our imaginations to carry our minds to those sexy days, and to stoke the passions we feel.

    Good Post

  2. Yes, I second the motion of James, I certainly love seeing naughty women wearing girdles, stockings, and high heeled shoes, before I order them disrobed, to be thoroughly birched, or caned on their bare bottoms. Yes, those were the good old days.

  3. Hi
    If you care to take a look at
    you will see that there are still successful purveyors of this style of lingerie and the modern generation of gals must still be interested in someone seeing it on their bodies.
    This research has brought a story to mind so I will go and sharpen my quill nib.

    Michael M

  4. I am so thankful I was born and grew up in the right era to appreciate nylon hose, garter belts,etc. which provide amazing visual delights along with that rush of easing myself over a lap with raised skirt, lovely smooth thighs, and stocking tops set off by strappy high-heel sandals.

    In this position, I become instantly respectful and totally submissive.

  5. I, too am a member of that select group that grew up during the 'golden age' of panty girdles, stockings and it was still the time when women still wore skirts and dresses. I am sure that being around all that eye candy, shaped my fantasies and fetishes for years to come.

    I love the power that a woman wearing a girdle commands. I am lucky enough to be with a Lady who still loves wearing girdles, stockings, heels and very tight skirts. Just yesterday she dressed up, we went out to lunch and when we returned home, I couldn't help it - I made sure she spanked me. We both loved it.

    Great post, Bogey and nice input from Tex.

  6. This naughty woman wearing a panty-girdle, is Sexy, with a capital S for a 'spanking good time. In fact I like all your photo's depicting those female's wearing this sexual and erotic feminine undergarment.


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