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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spanking Games

In 1997 I wrote a game in Visual Basic that would award a number licks, the paddle to be used and the panties to be worn. [You put in the names you call your instruments and also name the panties] The program picks a random number for the number of licks and arbitrarily picks the paddle and panties. If you want it, send us an email. There is no charge.

For a friend, I made a game that uses dice to decide the number of licks. [One die can be used as a multiplier. While snake eyes would be one lick, we have minimum of six. ] She draws one card that determines the position, a second for the implement and a final card that determines the room.

We have a new round about every hour. In between, we chat. During an afternoon, she gets paddled in every room in varied positions.

20040705151 debbie

Over the bar stool in the office with the spoon

My fav room is the upstairs bath. I sit on the edge of the tub and she goes over my knee and I wet her bottom. The rapid fire administration of a wood paddle to her bottom gets her legs kicking quickly. The acoustics in the tiled room are delightful.

Nothing to prove.  She likes to be paddled and I like to paddle her. Somewhat like Bob Seagar’s lyrics from Night Moves

I used her, she used me
But neither one cared
We were gettin' our share


  1. You are a fun couple. What a great way of spending an afternoon.

  2. Wow, that may be the bet game of all time, paddling in various positions in every room of the house. I can clearly imagine the sound of paddle meeting wet bottom in the close confines of the bathroom. Add the reflection in the mirror and you having spanking in stereo!



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