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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yes, I have a passion for spanking, but I can still, vaguely, recall those moments when I was much younger and even the touch of a lasses hand on mine was electrifying.

We had so many hormones then – whose sole purpose was drive us to perpetuate the species.

The electric touch, eyes meeting, lips together, minds melting, quick breathing, and sometimes clothes discarded, coupling, mutual screaming.

Most of the passion of new love dies after a few months. We can still sometimes find parts of it. It’s always fun when I can get Bacall begging for release. Equally fun, when she does it to me.

In a spanking context, this is usually kindled when I use the batten on her inner thighs. Combined with tapping her most sensitive parts with the batten. If all the parts come together, she has a fine come.

For me, it’s when she paddles me and stops to stroke me for awhile, then tell me to bend over again. If she repeats this a few times, I am as submissive as I can get and I get so hard  that cat could not scratch it. She will conclude by whispering in my ear, will you take another six licks? Of course, I will. Soon my seed is split and she looks satisfied with herself.

beyond teasing

This lass knows exactly the effect she is having on the professor. I am sure some readers have either done it or had it done to them. It would not need to be a student/teacher, any situation where a woman decides to initiate things just to see where it goes.


Perhaps she is wearing this when you arrive?

I have always enjoyed a woman coming on to me, more than my conquering her. Perhaps this is my submissive side?

Anyway, there always has to be more than just paddle licks to make it special for us.


  1. Well put! Its obvious that there is some special 'Passion' between the two of you, which seems to be very lasting over time.

    And I, too love it when Cora initiates things, either spanking or sex.

  2. This one struck a chord with me as I once had a spanking partner who used to refer to our shared interest as our passion, never called it anything else.

  3. The chase...


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