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Foolishness since 2007
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making A Paddle

I have made dozens of paddles over the years - mostly wood, but several leather ones as well. Most of them I made for our own use, but a few were made as gifts. I would guess that maybe 30% of the ones I made for our use were long term keepers.

Looking at piece of wood and guessing how it will work as a paddle is not my forte. Maybe it will be a winner, maybe not. Bacall helps by bending over while I shape and re-shape the paddle, trying to get it just right.

The Principal’s paddle is one of our oldest. It has been cut down twice. Bacall uses it with skill on me. It’s way too much for her bottom. It’s pine and a 1/2 inch thick. It’s about 50/50 thud/sting. Many our our sessions begin with me getting a dozen, bare bottom, with this paddle. It results in a white hot bottom.   I know I will be experiencing the familiarity of being well paddled for the next few hours.

When I am feeling paddle proof, I can take two dozen with it. I have not been feeling paddle proof for sometime.


A decade or so back, I changed from wanting a lighter paddle first and ending with the heavy artillery. Now I like the Principal’s paddle first, followed by a real stinger that we call the Teacher’s paddle. This paddle was made from a piece of scrap and turned out to be a treasure. It’s birch wood, light and thin at 3/8 inch. I have used it on several women. Over jeans, it stings, on the bare, it’s a bottom scorcher. Everyone who has experienced it has remarked, sometimes loudly, about it’s effectiveness.

It’s been out of the drawer the last three days. Once or twice a day, we have been trading licks with it. Tomorrow we are going all out with it. Seems like a good idea now anyway.

Bacall’s mouth broke loose this morning and after a dozen or so licks, she asked “Is that all you have”. I readdressed the situation. She started kicking her legs in the air and soon enough she was a satisfied gal.


  1. How long and wide is the business end of the Teacher's paddle? Also, do you hand sand the edges after you make the cuts?
    Thank you.

  2. They look lovely Bogey. How long did it take you to make them and where did you get the wood? Did you use a pattern to shape them?


  3. Do you ever have problems with bruising from these paddles? Seems like they would be pretty heavy on bare skin and leave bruises . . .

  4. lovely looking paddles. I am new to the wooden paddle and when its used in all seriousness not a fan at all :| but these are lovely looking well made pieces - well done.

  5. 1/2" paddle is tough for everyday use.
    In my opinion, any person using a paddle such as one of these, needs to know what they are doing.
    My favorite no doubt, but can't just grab it & go.
    Needless to say you two are clear to fly! ;0)


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