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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Serious topic today. No pictures. I am going to write about things I don’t know about. This is not unusual, I am just warning you.

We spanking enthusiasts sure are different from each other.

Some men, that like to be punished, want to orgasm first and then be spanked. That certainly would be punishment to me. I will stay with spank, then orgasm.

Still others want to be spanked, but denied orgasm. Again, that would be punishment to me. I figure I am only going to get x number orgasms in this life and I sure don’t want to miss any.

From another blog:

Disobey, and we extend your time in chastity. Aggravate the Dom, and let's add another week or month. Ask for relief, hah!, there's another extension of your cock's bondage. Tease and denial to an ultimate degree, and the male asks for it, even begs for it, and if ignored, fantasizes about it! He rhapsodizes about servicing his Dom orally or otherwise (over and over again) while being denied his own orgasm or even a hard-on. He perceives this situation as a form of "sweet frustration". Periods of release are few and far between, and then it's "please Mistress, put it on again" time. A great many males almost gleefully write about the moment of release being denied at the last second through a ruined orgasm.

I am wondering if those who want to pass on an orgasm could pass it along to me. No sense in wasting a good thing.

From another blog, the down side of chastity from a women’s POV:

…since he has been in chastity, he is very quickly aroused and reaches an orgasm much too quickly to meet my needs. Gone are the days when I can ride him and control his ability to orgasm to meet my needs. Consequently, we seem to be back to the days of a quick love-making session which leaves him fulfilled and me frustrated.

We are all so different.


  1. Ah yes, orgasms. Remind me again what those were.
    Michael M

  2. Totally in agreement with your post. What I read on some blogs about chastity and denial of satisfaction are totally bewildering to me. Are there really men out there who go along with that or is it all made up? Punishment and humiliation has no place in my spanking psychology. It's all about stimulation leading to the fulfilling big bang.


  3. I gave up a long time ago trying to reconcile all the different forms of submissive and dominant desires that underpin our spanking genes.

    Now I simply take it as a grand banquet table... full of all kinds of goodies and treats. Now some of the entrees and side dishes I love and are my own personal version of "soul food"... but others I pass by on the way to the dessert table.

    Our spanking desires seem driven either by our sexual desires, or our emotional needs... sometimes both. Guess it just depends on where you fall along the spectrum.


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