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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plastic or Wood?


These are Bacall’s hairbrushes. The plastic one was a Christmas present from her aunt to her in the 60’s. Made of heavy plastic, it’s silent and brutal.

The wooden one she saw on an end cap display at Wal*Mart about a decade ago and just had to have it. Every time she has it, she says never again.

plastic or wood

Here is a tale of a hair brush from a regular reader.

I'm beginning to think my purchasing that NuWest hairbrush wasn't the smartest thing to do. The other day the missus decided I of all people could use a little lap time... so thus decided, I found myself pantless.... boxerless... soon draped over the wifely knee in our bedroom getting a very thorough going over with a crisp hand spanking and a few dozen with our leather paddle / strap, only to be followed by her first real, honest to goodness session with the NW brush. OUCH!... OWWIEE!... Holy Crap!

Man that thing sure burns a husband's bottom! As I lay there clawing the bedcover and kicking my little feet... I thought maybe it wasn't too late to send it back but somewhere in the midst of my backside being set on fire I heard the wife remark... "You know this thing really does have a nice weight and balance!... I'm hardly even putting my wrist into it... yet."

Oh brother... by that time I was in a serious state of misgiving about getting what I'd asked for. She didn't seem to pay any mind though and probably resembled Ms. Bacall right about then, having WAY TOO MUCH FUN tanning my butt! Maybe I was having one of those off days or transition times you mentioned but I nearly crawled out of my skin before she decided I'd had enough. You know, it took just about every ounce of my will power to keep my bottom in range but in the end... it was worth it. The beast with two backs was seen lurking about soon afterwards so I guess maybe I didn't make such a bad purchase after all.

That was last weekend before leaving this past week on a business trip. You know I felt that bottom for three days....

Didn't seem to mind either.


  1. What a lovely story. There are few more pleasant sights than a rapidly reddening bottom over the lap under a good old fashioned wooden hairbrush.

  2. Wonderful story.

  3. Nice topic and story. My wife has a blue paddle hairbrush made of a dense acrylic plastic which delivers a powerful smack, harder than her wooden one. It sits on a shelf in the downstairs cloakroom, looking unremarkable and with no hint of its other use.
    When I am sent to get "bluey" I know that I am in for a painful session, usually in the kitchen. Once my trousers and shorts are down and I am over my wife's knees, I can feel my stomach tense waiting for what is to come. Fifty spanks on each cheek is not uncommon and I I will be sincerely regretting whatever I said or did to make her cross.
    Best wishes
    Michael M

  4. A lovely story. Never been spanked with a plastic hairbrush, is it really worse than a wooden one?


  5. NU-WEST only sells it if they know it is INTENSE!


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