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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ode To Belts

by Bacall

I have a love affair with the belt.  When we really got serious about our play, I did not think I would like leather at all.  It sounded harsh - like a wooden paddle is so much softer - ha ha.  But the first time I saw a leather belt being used, what can I say, it was love at first sight.  So I suggested to Bogey, very strongly I might add, that I wanted to be spanked with leather.  He was quite surprised, but being the gentleman that he is, he complied.

There is just something about the feel of the leather on my bottom that sends me to a heavenly place.  No one ever used a belt on me as a child which is probably a good thing, because I might have become a problem child.  It is very sensuous to me and I find it yummy.  Instead of saying stop stop, in my mind it is don't stop don't stop.  Once the spanking begins I get totally relaxed and very warm all over and I can become very submissive.  Being submissive is not my personality, but the belt brings it out.  Just writing about this makes me warm and tingly.


  1. While I am primarily the bottom in our relationship, my wife upon occasion also like to be spanked. And she prefers the belt also, she says she gets chills when she sees, or hears a the tinkle of the belt being drawn through the loops of my pants. She actually gets goose bumps, which I think is fantastic.
    So I understand what you mean by your feelings towards the strap, she absolutely loves it.

    Good Post we enjoyed it!!


  2. I like to be spanked by a belt or a leather strap. It is more stingy than a hand, but has a similar sensuous feel at the same time. Also, I can endure many more swats with a belt than a wooden implement. My wife is a top, not a switch, and prefers to use her hand.

  3. Belts really are sensuous. I can settle into a spanking with one far more easily than I can when wood is in the picture.

    Now I'm all tingly too!


  4. Very nicely said and I agree wholeheartedly. Now you should try adding a nice touch by lightly oiling the strap or belt once in a while. Just get some neat's foot oil and put a bit on the leather and work it in with the finger tips to insure a nice, supple soft leather.

  5. Hi
    My wife finds the belt too difficult to swing and control,so even when I lay it out to be used on my bottom, it is seldom if ever selected. I too enjoy the crisp sting of leather and the short strap we have, which is split at the end, happens to be favourite of my wife's. I can lie there for many tens of strokes with this strap and enter sub space very quickly. 30 strokes of the cane after the strap has warmed me up is an ideal end to a difficult day.

    Michael M

  6. A couple of straps along the way gave the paddle a run for its money.
    Have to be just right for me to get motivated.
    Strap with a handle is more along the lines of what I am drawn to.


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