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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I guess I am now vintage or retro. I grew up when females wore girdles, stockings and crinoline slips. I was not adroit as Joey on Friends at un-hooking bra clasps. I learned to ask for help. The girls could shed their clothes a lot faster than I could get them off.
I never beat Bacall at undressing. As soon as I closed the door, she flew through the air, divesting her clothes and landing on the bed waiting for me. One of her many talents.
A typical outfit in my high school years.
Bullet bras were popular when I was in junior high. To my regret, I never saw one in the wild.
lingerie bullet bra garterbelt98
I do recall panty girdles worn by lasses who had no need for them. I learned to ask my date to take them off. Otherwise, way too much time would be wasted by me trying to get one off in the front seat of my car. I might not get lucky, but we both enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh.
lingerie bullet bra girdle97
This lass bears some resemblance to Bacall when I met her. The hair, long legs and stockings. Bacall was much better looking however.
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, where lingerie, spanking and sex are intertwined. God bless the lasses who dress for us.


  1. Note: Joey is a character on Friends, and I do have that skill of his to my wife's amusement.

  2. How beautiful are those photo's of a naughty lady in her erotic panty-girdle, and stockings. How I would love to cane her, bare bottom. How I wish this dream would come true. What a sexual turn on for me. Thanks, to you 'Our Bottoms Burn.

  3. I read your blog a lot, but you sure got my attention with these pictures.

    Adds to the old saying, I never saw a nylon covered lap I wouldn't go over for a good spanking. Also a girdle lover, nicely done!!!

  4. The old style underthings have a certain elegance that many of the newer garments lack.

  5. Aunty Andrea articulated this the best but wow very, very sexy and would love to be over one of those elegant laps!

    Great post, thanks


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