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Friday, June 10, 2011

Spanking without Sex...any takers?

Paolo in Dublin had what I thought was an interesting post on the dilemma of spanking and sex. I really wish it had gotten a through discussion, but there were only two comments.

Hermione defined on MBS  a spanko as someone who derives sexual pleasure from the act of spanking. It may include giving spankings, receiving them, seeing them, reading about them, other spanking-related activities, or all of the above.

That leaves little room for non-sexual spanking, if there is such a thing.

Our  personal observations

When we started going to spanking parties, we decided it would be spanking only.

We heard from many women that some men would go through the motions of spanking, but they were more interested in sex than spanking.

There seems to more women who want just spanking than men willing to just spank. At parties anyway.

Spanking, without sex, with someone outside of your marriage might work, if there is no jealousy on the part of any of the folks involved. That’s a tall order.


  1. At the SCONY parties I have attended the protocol is spanking without sex. Couples attend the events knowing the rules will be obeyed by the members providing a level of comfort for everyone who attends. A male top that is looking for more than a spanking is not tolerated by the members and often it is suggested they leave the event. Safe play for all and especially females is paramount thanks to the leadership of Ms Margaret Davis.

  2. Perhaps I find myslef rethinking the merits of spanking without sex?
    Upon giving it some further thought, I have come to the conclusion that there might be some truth to that old saying about leaving the table a little hungry?
    To be in a committed relationship with a person who like yourself, finds sex only heightened by all things spank...
    And so we look forward to what tomorrow may have in store for us?

  3. Since we started spanking at home, my spouse does not want me to be spanked by anyone else right now. We are going slowly with the process but it works. No sex at all outside the house spankings!!

    I do however still spank two ladies for fun only, and my spouse approves as she knows there is no sex.

    Communication and respect is what matters.


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