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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Being Popular

Most Bloggers get excited by numbers - visitors, followers, hits, etc. I do too. But, we have never done anything to attract traffic. It comes or not. Our original idea was to share our admittedly unique spanking style and have some fun doing it. That has not changed.

Originally, we had a few links to Blogs we liked. Everyone of them died. Perhaps our links were the kiss of death? Now we don’t have any links. So all can rest in peace.

We don’t have ads and we don’t review commercial sites.

When I post serious topics, there are usually very few, if any, comments. Admittedly, that is a little disappointing. But, not even MBS always gets spot on thoughtful responses.

When I post eye candy pictures, there are usually several comments. White Panty Monday’s were especially popular. So while I know my reader’s tastes, I don’t plan to pander to them. If a picture is especially interesting to me, I will share it. But, just pictures of bare bottoms. Nope!

Tumbler seems to be the new rage. Just pictures without any text. So pictures are available and I don’t need to lose any sleep worrying that OBB readers might not be getting their daily dose.

According to a gadget in the right margin, our top referring sites are Consensual Spanking, Chross, MBS, Spanking Bloggers Network, and Spanked By My Lady. Three of the five are of interest to us.

We have 97 followers. I wonder if all 97 still read OBB? I will consider it a milestone if we pass 100.

I could publish pictures of Bacall getting spanked, but you have seen a few of those, though you did not always know it was her. <grin> I could go into the photo vault and publish private pictures. I have done that on occasion while respecting privacy, but that will not be regular fare either. I could publish pictures of Bacall paddling me. Nope, don’t have a camera with a remote control. So you are lucky.

So what’s in the future? I suspect more of the same. But I will try to somewhat limit eye candy in difference to our three female readers. <smile>

candy panties

Oops this picture of candy striped panties just appeared. It’s not my fault.


  1. You blog is a welcome oasis in the realm of too many heavy-handed, overly psychological/emotional (OK, just plain creepy) dominant/submissive spanking sites. I'm always up for a bit of I've-been-naughty role playing, but these sites that document a total control by a significant other lifestyle make me shudder. So refreshing to find a couple dedicated to the notion that a little spanky-spanky is fun and a turn-on. So you're always the first stop on the self-indulgent part of my day. The accounts of your escapades, the serious thoughts, and yes, the eye candy, love it all.
    That includes the candy-striped panties.

  2. You have a fantastic blog. I enjoy reading about a fun loving couple who enjoy spanking. I enjoy the eye candy, for sure, but reading about your true life stories makes your blog a great read.

  3. I do so enjoy your blog and yes sir the panty shots are amazing for me as was the white girdle postings. But I do agree with the other comments, it is nice to read a blog about fun loving and caring couple spanking adventures. And yes the eye candy in panties in particular is wonderful.

    Thanks for your blog.

  4. Hi
    Your blog is always worth turning to and the eye candy is a plus. I am sure you can insert visual treats for your lady readers as you go along.
    As well as being attractive these striped panties would serve as a useful guide for the placement of cane strokes. Not, I am sure, that this charming girl deserves the cane!
    Michael M

  5. I agree with the other commenters. It's nice to read a blog that's about spanking for fun, not discipline. But I really don't believe that adding blogs to your blogroll makes them go belly up. It's just coincidence.

    I wouldn't mind having a pair of panties like those. Very cute.


  6. I enjoy reading your blog, and have been for quite a while. You and your wife seem to have lots of fun, as do most of the married couples that frequent these blogs.
    I guess I also count the hits because it amazes me that so many people read them, and I also realize some visit more than once. My blog has just reached 100,000 hits, and it was a surprise to me to reach that number.
    Anyway keep up the the great work, besides being informative, I love your humor.

  7. Only recently found your blog and it is one of just two or three I do read. Thanks for candor, humor, and, especially, your willingness to use the English language well. We have been enjoying spanking as erotic fun for forty years and are delighted the next generations are finding the same pleasures.

  8. It's lovely to read a blog that is just about having fun and brings pleasure to people. I also absolutely adore the name you gave it.

  9. Hi! I have the same feelings about blogs - though I do have a blogroll. No-one on it has died yet, so I will add you. Just tread carefully for a day or two until the Karma settles down :-) I am bravely putting up with the candy-stripe panties, which appear to have burnt a persistent image on my retina. I know what you mean about wanting more serious comments, I have the same problem on my blog, mostly from me. If you are stuck for a topic, how about shorts?

  10. I agree with others. I like to read about your fun spankings. Don't change what you do, perfect as it is.


  11. I always use the word "engaging" when I describe why I enjoy the blog.
    Don't either one of you be fooled by the power of a bare ass pic.; paddle optional.
    That you take the time to share your interest in spanking brought all of us in.
    The reason we stay, is because the genuine nature that defines the two of you, enriches all of us as not only "Spanko's", but as people looking for ways to find the glass half full.
    Easy to jot a few lines when we see those Curvy Bottoms.
    Not posting a comment however does not reflect (in my opinion) disinterest.
    Some of the kids who never raised their hands went on to be President no doubt?


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