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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, June 17, 2011

Forgot Your Jodhpurs, Girls?

A regular reader across the pond who knows of my penchant for jodhpurs, sent this article. While I do like to crop a lass wearing tight riding pants, no pants is OK too.

no pants


  1. Ah, jodphurs! What a delightful fashion design. In my mind they are easier on the eye than a bikini but perhas that is because they often come with riding crop as an accessory.
    As you say, it really is too bad for these girls to get to the pony club event and have forgotten their jodhpurs. It will probably result in a disqualification or some sort of penalty from the Committee.
    Michael M

  2. There is one naughty lady's 'jodhpurs', that I would love to take down, and then her knicker's as well, and that is the Dutchess of Cornwall, nee Camila Parker Bowles, Prince Charles's wife. Yes, this mature woman, has needed a good bottom warming, such as with a cane, on that voluptous naked rear end of her's. And I sure would love to give it to her.

  3. Two gals who could easily make you write a bad check!
    The image in this link I also find very "oats" friendly, while we are on the subject. ;0)



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