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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boys and Girls Paddled together

Dublin Paolo commented on Bacall’s Paddled at School Redux: Boys and Girls being Paddled together? ...Why Not!!

Indeed, that is one of this switch’s fondest fantasies. How this for a story line?

A couple in their late teens arrive back at her home after curfew. How curfew works has been explained to them twice before. 30 minutes after they arrive her Mom checks to see why her daughter has not come inside. She finds them on the screen porch necking. Her daughter has her skirt around her waist and her hand on his jade stalk. She can not see any digits on his right hand. Mom lets the door close loud enough to get their attention and returns to bed.

When he brings her home from school the next day, Mom is waiting. She tells them she is going to paddle her and if he wants to continue to date her, he will also take a paddling. She has already discussed the matter with his Mother and she is in full agreement.

With no options left to them, she has them bare their bottoms and bend over the kitchen counter next to each other. She tells them they can hold hands, but they must stay in position until she tells them it’s over.

The bath brush has them in extreme distress in short order. And curfew is strictly honored.



  1. I also belive that it is a spankee's fantasy as well, but not common in public or private play .

  2. Later on her husband arrived home, more than an hour late. When her daughter had left the house with her beau his wife retrieved the bath brush and dealt with yet another demonstration of a lack of respect. As she looked at him bent over the kitchen table with his pants around his ankles, she wondered if it was time to buy a new bathbrush. At this rate, if her daughter married her boy, she would be spanking for at least another 10 years.
    Michael M

  3. A very nice scenario! I especially like the “holding hands” part. And, as you know, I'm very much into “boys/men and girls/women being spanked together” scenarios, as well as “ men and women spanking together” scenarios. :-) Unfortunately, most stories and movies are either M/F or F/M and mixtures or more complex combinations like F/MF or M/MF (not to mention MF/MF) are rare...

  4. Very romantic, indeed.
    But I do not like the idea of being spanked with anyone else.
    I prefer to be the star of the show and to enjoy the scarlet colour only with my spanker.I am very selfish, I know.It is one of my faults.


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