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Friday, May 20, 2011

So You Like To Be Spanked?

After Ms. Marvel gets through with you just might think differently.


I would love to try her once.

That’s my fantasy spanker for the week. Enjoy your weekend.


PS We watched Bogey and Bacall in The Big Sleep yesterday. Today Liz Taylor in The Taming of The Shrew. If only they still made great movies.


  1. I watch them all the time on Netflix. Great picture, thanks.

  2. Hi
    I hope all is going your way. It seems that after a long time "off message" I am due for a spanking this weekend. Hope it comes.
    I approve of Ms Marvel. Maybe you can keep this blog theme running, as in " by whom would you like to be spanked?".
    Could I start with Teri Hatcher in her Bond bedroom outfit from Tomorrow Never Dies ?
    Best wishes

  3. I hope no one minds my breaking the F/M mood, but that's one superheroine I would love to take the paddle to! I say that as a lifetime lover of superheroine spankings who when growing up often fantasized of spanking and especially paddling them.

    On the lack of comments: believe me, this is the universal frustration of all spanking-themed bloggers and bulletin board operators. For a variety of reasons, the percentage of your readers who comment is always going to be low. This is true of Chicago Spanking Review,, etc. It's best to believe in yourself and what you're doing, and assume that there's someone out there someone who appreciates it.

    Also, remember that many readers are only going to check in here about once per week regardless of how frequently you update - whether that affects your updating frequency is up to you. Updating a blog is easier than updating a full-blown website (I'm speaking here only of the technical aspects), but reducing your update frequency would be better than getting burned out and giving up as so many of our fellow spankos have done. A switchable couple who spanks mainly for pleasure is indeed unusual - I won't go into the reasons why that is so, although I know what they are - and you do have a unique perspective (among spanko bloggers) to offer.

    Here's a question for you, which I hope you haven't answered (and I missed): When paddling someone, I'm a real stickler for correct positioning, believing it to be central to the experience, insisting that knees be kept straight and bottom turned up and stuck out. So what are your (both or your) views on this subject, from both perspectives (giving and receiving)?

  4. We've always been ready for female superheroes. Because women want to be them and men want to do them.
    I think Michael has started something there many and so little time ;-)

  5. Too bad about Hawtness. It really sucks now, but was once a great source of pictures.


  6. "What's, Up Doc"?
    1972 yes, but always feels fresh to me.


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