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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Novelist - Part 2

  by Kate

Kate hung up the phone and smiled. What a nice surprise to hear from Paul after all this time. She had a soft spot in her heart for Paul as a result of the sharing and special times they'd had together.

Two years earlier she'd met Paul through rather extenuating and certainly 'unusual' circumstances. Kate was a writer, mainly a historical romance writer, and liked to 'experience' the things that she wrote about. If she was not knowledgeable enough, she would research and try to experience it on a personal, if limited level. She found it much easier to write about if she had some actual first-hand facts. In almost all of her books, her heroines were intelligent, feisty, spunky, independent and sometimes stubborn to a fault......they were 'never' dimwitted, meek or un-opinionated. And her heroes were masculine, assertive, confident and quite capable of handling the heroine in any circumstance, much to that young woman's dismay at times and much to her delight at others. Her romance novels were accepted readily by a large portion of the female reading population. Her last novel, however, had been a contemporary one and had very quickly made the bestseller list in a short time. Because of this, her previous titles had been in demand also; and it seemed she had reached a new kind of reader in the process. She was absolutely delighted with the success of her newest novel.

Her acquaintance with Paul had been as a result of a 'research' project; and she could still blush when she remembered how uncomfortable she had been at first. Most of her stories, at some point, contained a spanking scene of some sort. She didn't know exactly why herself, but for some reason (in her own mind) the act somehow confirmed the masculinity of the hero and at the same time showed the vulnerability and femininity of the heroine. And since her books were well-received by her fans, she continued to include these scenes. Since a spanking was something Kate had never experienced, even as a child, she wanted to know what it was like. In her own mind she had fantasized about it for years. And so when she went about preparing to experience it, she allowed to Paul that it was pure research......but knew in her own mind that it was being done as much on a personal level as on a professional one.

And that was how she happened to meet Paul. One of the editors of a spanking publication had given her Paul's name as someone she would be able to trust to explore further with. Their communications had started with letters and then phone calls; and then dinner before actually playing out a spanking scene.

She found Paul to be a very charming, understanding and perceptive gentleman. And to top it all off, he was one of the most physically and emotionally attractive men she had ever met. After their first experience, they had gotten together on quite a number of occasions over the next few months and had become rather close. Then Kate had gotten so involved with her book that she rarely had personal time anymore; and, in fact, was getting a little scared that their relationship was becoming more than she was ready for. In the end, she broke it off rather suddenly and not as graciously as she would have liked....and she had regretted it ever since. She thought about him often and wondered what would have happened if she hadn't broken it off; but it had seemed the right thing at the time. But then again, perhaps she just didn't know how to deal with it at the time. So, it was over a year since she had seen him and his phone call was a very unexpected pleasure. He had asked to take her to dinner on Friday......Friday was three days away and she found herself wondering if she could stand the wait.

On Friday, Kate decided not to start writing at all; she didn't want to take a chance on getting something going and then possibly not allowing herself enough time to get ready. It was important that she look her best; and she took the time to make sure that she did. At 6:00 exactly she heard the doorbell ring. "Punctual as usual," she thought. When she opened the door, her breath was nearly taken away at the sight of him. He was even more handsome than she remembered and she suddenly felt like a young girl on her first date. She opened the screen door to allow him entrance and started to put her hand out to greet him, but he advanced and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, saying "You look wonderful, Kate."

"Why thank you, Paul, you look pretty good yourself." After just a few words, they left for the restaurant where they had a very pleasant dinner and conversation -- catching up on the goings-on of the past year or so. Kate wondered how she could have ever let this man out of her life. Dinner turned out to be a very relaxing, three-hour affair. When he stopped in her driveway, she asked him in for a drink and he ended up staying until 3:00 in the morning while they continued to catch up on much. Finally, reluctantly, he said, "I really do have to leave. I have an appointment tomorrow at 10:00; and I need to be mentally sharp."

When she walked him to the door, he said, "I really do need to discuss something with you; will you be home tomorrow afternoon?"

Kate smiled, "All day, as a matter of fact. You're welcome to stop by anytime. If you'd like, I can have lunch ready. What time will you be here?"

"I'm not sure how long this appointment will take. How about if we say 1:00.....I'm sure I can be here by then.

"One-o'clock is just fine; I'll see you then."

Paul put his right arm around her waist and drew her near, kissing her very tenderly for just a moment then let her go and smiled, "See you tomorrow, Kate." Then he surprised her by giving her a smack on the bottom and saying, "Behave yourself till then."

Kate closed the door and sighed, then smiled. It was the most wonderful evening she'd had since the last time she'd been with him. She was terribly attracted to him. And when she thought about it, she wasn't sure if his kiss or the smack on her bottom had affected her more. What a crazy thing to think!

On the way home, Paul was smiling too as he reminisced on the night's events. She's had quite an effect on him this evening and he quickly remembered why he had found her so appealing almost two years ago. In a short time he had become quite serious about her and he felt she had returned his feelings. Then, quite suddenly, she had said she really couldn't continue to see him because she had deadlines to meet and was very far behind. When he asked if he could call her in a month or so, she had told him that it probably would be best if he did not because she needed to get very serious with her work .....and she could be tied up indefinitely for many months. It seemed like a brush-off and he was stumped as to the reason. But he did not delve into the whys.....he accepted it....and later wondered why he had.....because he missed her terribly. And after tonight.....well, they were definitely going to have to discuss this tomorrow.

Saturday was a warm day in late June, so Kate decided on just a Caesar salad and some cut up fruit along with iced tea for lunch. She was dressed in a white sundress and sandals which showed off a warm, golden tan and her hair was pulled up into a knot off her neck when she opened the door to Paul. He was in khaki slacks with a white cotton knit shirt and holding a bouquet of fresh flowers. He handed them to her and she said, "You didn't have to do this; but I'm glad you did. They're so pretty and will brighten up the room. Thank you."

She told him to follow her into the kitchen and she put the flowers into a vase right away and set them on the center of the island counter.

"Is iced tea okay for you?" she asked.


She poured him a glass and set it in front of him then got out the salad and fruit from the refrigerator and put them on the table. They had a light conversation during lunch and afterwards Paul helped her clean up then they went into the living room and sat together on the sofa with another glass of iced tea.

"So, what happened last time, Kate? What went wrong?"

Kate was surprised by his direct question and surprised herself even more by answering him just as directly, "You scared the hell out of me. I was feeling things I hadn't felt since before my husband and I were married. And I don't know why, but I got scared. And then I was sorry later......but afraid to call you."

"Afraid to call.....after the closeness we'd shared!" furrows formed in his brow as he spoke. "You deserve a good spanking! When's the last time you had a spanking?"

Kate flushed a little, but said, "The last time you gave me one."

Paul smiled, "Boy you really are overdue." Then he became more serious, "Kate I'd like to give this a try again. What do you think?"

She returned his smile and said, "I think I'd really like to, Paul. I've missed you."

"I'm not going to play games with you, Kate. I want a serious relationship. And I think both of us let the chance get by us last time."

Kate squirmed a little in her seat, "You're coming at me pretty fast."

"I know, but as far as I'm concerned, we wasted over a year. I think we've got something special here and I'd like very much to give it a chance.

Kate wasn't sure. She knew she had special feelings for Paul; but she didn't know if it was a good idea to rush it. In the end, she said, "Maybe we should," because she didn't want to take a chance on letting him go again. She'd been sorry the last time; and he was right, they owed it to themselves to see if there was something special there.

And so that's how their relationship began anew. They saw each other almost every night. Then Paul had to go on a business trip that kept him away for five days. Kate missed him terribly. They talked every night on the phone, but it wasn't enough.

Finally Friday came and she met him at the airport and nearly threw herself into his arms. He accepted her enthusiastically with open arms and a long, lingering, sensual kiss. And when his right hand started to reach down to cup her behind, they both seemed to remember simultaneously where they were and abruptly let go to step back.

Paul spoke first, "I guess maybe we should wait till we get home."

"I think that's probably a good idea," she laughed self-consciously. What was this man doing to her?

On the way to the car, Paul suggested they stop somewhere on the way for dinner.

"Good idea," Kate said, "I've been so busy, I didn't even plan anything!"

Later as they sat in a little corner of the restaurant, Kate waited until the waitress had taken their order then said, "I really did miss you --- more than I thought I would."

"I missed you, too, Kate; but I took a little bit of you along to keep me company."

She looked at him, puzzled.

He answered her queried look by saying, "I picked up a copy of your new novel and read it while I was gone."

"Did you like it?" she asked eagerly.

"It was a great story. No wonder it's gotten such good reviews."

"I'm so glad you liked it."

Paul took a sip of wine then set the glass down and looked at her, "I'd have enjoyed it more, if I hadn't recognized myself so easily."

Kate blushed, "I'd hoped it wasn't that glaring."

"Glaring!" he said, raising his voice a little. "You named the main male character Paul, described me to a "T" -- though I admit you were very flattering -- and he just happened to be a lawyer! I think that takes in more than even 'glaring'."

"I couldn't help it. I tried to make him someone different, but all I could think of was you.....I couldn't get you out of my head. It was just after I stopped seeing you."

"That's all very flattering, Kate, but very unprofessional and highly unethical. In spite of the disclaimer at the front of the book, anyone knowing me very well --- especially if they knew I know you, would recognize me within the first couple chapters."

"Paul, you seem to be upset. I'm sorry. I didn't......"

"What should I think when you write a story about me without even asking if I mind."

"Paul, it was fiction!"

"Then the characters should have been fictitious. I shouldn't have felt I was reading an autobiography one chapter into the book." He was very serious and Kate was a little taken back at his attitude.

"You're seeing things no one else would see."

"If I took this before a judge, I assure you I'd win."

"You can't be serious," she sputtered.

"I've no intention of taking you to court," he answered as the waitress appeared with their soup. he waited until she left, then continued, "But neither do I plan to let it pass without consequence."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you remember a couple years ago when we sat across a table very similar to this and I told you what I would consider a very important part of any relationship I entered into?"

"I don't......" she started to say, not comprehending what he was getting at.

"We were talking about spankings at the time." he offered in the way of enlightenment. The expression on her face and the accompanying flush told him she was remembering, but she said, "I don't think I recall....."

"Oh, I think you 'recall' exactly what I said.....but, in any case, I'll refresh your memory. I stated very emphatically that I firmly believed in disciplinary spankings when necessary. That is, a very 'real' spanking as punishment for a very 'real' offense.

He watched her carefully as she tried to avoid his eyes and swallowed deeply.

"Look at me, Kate," he said quietly, but in a voice that made her look in spite of her trepidation.

"You have earned yourself a very sound spanking for a very serious offense; and I will be seeing to it when we get home."

"Paul you can't be serious," she said, but the look on his face contradicted her statement.

"I assure you, I've never been more so," he said levelly.

"This is ridiculous, you can't really mean to......"

"Spank you? I most certainly do.......and very, very soundly. Chances are you won't sit comfortably for a few days." He watched as she squirmed in her seat.

She snapped her head up and said defiantly, "I won't let you!"

"It's already been decided. Any act of defiance will only add to what I'm already prepared to do. Don't make the mistake of taking me lightly.""

"You can't......"

Again he cut her off, "Discussion closed. Eat your soup. The waitress is coming over with our salad."

Kate's emotions were running wild. She suddenly had no appetite whatsoever. She couldn't deny it.......she usually loved the way Paul took charge.....she found it to be very masculine, very assuring and very sensual. And she loved it when he'd pull her across his knee and paddle her excited and thrilled her like nothing else ever could. Oh, his spankings hurt; and it was sometimes sort of a love/hate thing.......but there was nothing else like get her whole body tingling. But this was different. He was making her feel like a naughty child. He warned her a disciplinary spanking would be painful and not something she'd want to experience again after the first time. Well, she didn't want to experience it the 'first' time! Just who did he think he was, anyways! She was an adult. She could make her own decisions. She just wouldn't let him do it.

If only he weren't so serious, she'd worm her way out of this -- she'd cuddle up next to him and he'd soon be forgetting......who was she kidding!! She knew better than that.....even in play, she'd never been able to manipulate him out of a spanking once he'd made his intentions known! Well, then she'd have to try a new angle. She'd sit down with him when they got home and discuss this rationally with him. Oh, right!!! That'll work, Katie girl --- you'll rationalize him out of it......sure!!! What was she going to do? Well, one thing for sure, she just wasn't going to let him treat her like a child and spank her for real. No way!!!

After that he would talk about anything and everything but that subject. Twice when she'd tried to bring it up, he'd simply said, "Drop it, Kate. It's not negotiable. Period."

She'd given him an angry glare and refused to talk to him for a few minutes. But he kept right on and she was soon entering the conversation again. She wished it was easier to stay mad at him.

Paul did not hurry through dinner; he ate leisurely and sipped his coffee slowly after dinner. Kate barely ate and ordered an after dinner drink rather than the coffee.

It was only a twenty minute ride home from the restaurant and it went by all too quickly for Kate. She was not looking forward to this confrontation; and a confrontation it definitely was going to be -- because she was not about to allow him to turn her over his knee and give her a punishment spanking!

When they entered the house, Kate took off her suit jacket and hung it in the closet. Paul removed his jacket and started rolling up his sleeves. Kate knew the implications of that simple action and made a move towards the kitchen.

"I won't keep you in anticipation all night, Kate. We'll take care of this now." Finished rolling up his sleeves, he grabbed a chair from the dining area and put it down in the center of the large living room. Kate had stopped when he spoke. Suddenly she wasn't feeling so brave. Paul sat down in the chair and said, "Come over here, Kate."

Kate didn't move.....she couldn't.....

"You 'don't' want to put me to the trouble of getting up," he said threateningly.

Kate gave in enough to walk over to him, but just out of his reach. "You can't do this. This is absurd."

"Lift up your skirts and pull your panties down, Kate."

"No!" she exclaimed backing up a step.

"Do it now!"

"No! I told you I'd never do that."

"And I told you if I ever gave you a discipline spanking you'd do whatever I told you to do."

"I won't," she said stubbornly.

In one quick movement he was out of the chair and grabbed her arm before she had a chance to flee.

"No!" she squealed as she was being propelled across his lap. Barely did she feel his thighs beneath her before she felt her dress and slip whipped up to her waist and her panties were just as efficiently stripped down to her knees. No sooner were they down and she felt the flat of his hand stinging her backside in a series of fast, furious smacks. They reigned down so quickly she didn't even know where they were landing -- only that her whole bottom was stinging within moments. And then it was over. He reached down and pulled her panties back in place and told her to stand up.

Quickly, her hands went back to rub her behind. Never had to ever spanked her without giving her a lighter warm up.

"Now, pull your panties down, Kate."

Her head jerked up, "No.....Paul.....please."


"I can't" she pouted.

His arm snaked out again and grabbed her, flinging her again across his knees and just as quickly her skirts were up and her panties down. His hand smacked her bottom hard and she cried out, "Please don't" but he spanked several more times till she finally screamed, "All right, I'll do it."

"Do what?" he asked.

"What you said," she panted.

"And what did I say?"

When she didn't answer immediately, he smacked her again and she squealed, "I'll pull my panties down."

Again he pulled her panties up and told her to stand up. She stood there for a moment in anguish. She didn't want to do this. To pull them down was to acknowledge he could indeed make her do as he said; and she didn't want to do that in the worst way.....but if she didn't, she knew he'd keep it up till she did. He wasn't giving her a choice of whether she would ---- only when. Damn him!

"The next time I take my belt off," he warned when he deemed she was taking too long.

"No, Paul, don't," she said quickly, pulling her skirts up and then put her fingers in the waistband of her panties.......and then she stopped and looked at him, pleading once again..... "Please, Paul. You've spanked me enough."

"I haven't even started on the original spanking. What you got so far was for defiance."

"Paul......I can''s too embarrassing."

"That, too, is part of the lesson." He waited only a moment then added, "If I take the belt off, it won't go back on till I've used it."

She slowly pushed her panties down past her hips to her knees, embarrassed to stand before him this way, silently cursing him and herself for doing it.

He took her wrist and gave it a tug and she was face-down across his knees. Paul put his left hand down in the middle of her back; and she clenched her cheeks in anticipation......but he just put his right hand on them and rubbed and gently kneaded their softness between his fingers.

"You know you did something very wrong to end up here, don't you," he asked in a calm voice.

"Yes," she answered apprehensively, yet honestly. "But I didn't mean just happened."

"You agree then, that you deserve to be spanked?"

"Yes," she cried out, "But I don't want you to do it."

"I'm glad you agree," he said calmly, still teasing her bottom. "And because you agree it's what you deserve, you are to ask for your spanking."

"No!" she protested, "Paul, I can't. Just do and get it over with."

"I'll begin when you've asked politely.....not before."

"I can' know that."

"I know your pride, alone, is all that's preventing it."

She kicked out if frustration, "I can't. You know I can't."

"But you will.....because you know deep down you deserve it. And you know the longer you wait the harder it will be to say it. And you also know the longer you wait the more penalty I'll be adding for defiance." And he just kept rubbing and kneading. She didn't want him to stop.....but, she was under no delusions......she knew the other would begin no matter how long she prolonged it. She'd never won an argument in this position yet.

"Kate, ask me to please spank you for being such a naughty girl. And ask me nicely."

He was right.....pride, alone, was keeping her from asking; and pride was what was keeping her in this state of anticipation. Better to swallow her pride and just have it over with.

Before she could second-guess her decision, she said, "Please spank me for doing such a careless thing."

"Close enough, "he said, knowing what it cost her. "Yes, Kate, I will give you the spanking you deserve."

No sooner were the words out and his hand came down in testimony of their truth.....first on one cheek, then the other.....then across the middle.....not fast and furious as before --- but measured strokes, as if he wanted her to fully appreciate and remember each and every one.

She tried to remain stoic and take them quietly; but after the first dozen or so, she was kicking and yelling loud 'Ouch's' and 'Ow's'. By the time he reached two dozen, she was squirming, trying to evade his hand, but failing each time.

"Stop, Paul. Please, it hurts."

"It's supposed to hurt."

And he continued in spite of her verbal and physical protests. No spanking he'd ever given had stung the way this one did. She couldn't believe a hand could leave her bottom burning so quickly. And still he kept up the measured pace, making sure she felt the full effect of each one before delivering another. A few times he hit the same spot in succession, causing her to squeal and jump. She lost count after a while and just hoped each one would be the last.....but it wasn't.

"Please....Paul....I'm sorry.....Please....stop......Please!!!"

But still he continued.....smack after resound smack. Then he stopped for just a moment and she thought he would let her up......but instead he moved her forward and put his right leg across the back of hers, scissoring them between his legs and her bottom was high over his left thigh so that the area he wanted to feel the effect of his hand the most was an easy target.

Kate was unprepared when his hand met her tender bottom with rapid fire smacks as he railed at her, "You invaded my privacy with that characterization. We'd always assured each other of the utmost discretion. You violated my trust when you wrote that story." He was spanking her so fast and so hard that she couldn't recover from one before another came down. Her bottom felt like it was on fire. She screamed and cried, begging him to stop. Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks before he finally stopped and let her up.

Instantly her hands went to her bottom and she rubbed furiously. Never had she imagined a spanking could sting so intensely.

"Go to your bedroom and get your hairbrush, Kate."

"No!" she wailed, 'please!"


She gave him a pleading look, but when he remained adamant, she went....afraid it would only be worse if she didn't. A few minutes later she came back with the brush that he had brought her almost two years ago......that he had only 'teased' her with in the past. He put out his hand and she gave it to him.

"Please, Paul. Please," she cried, 'No more....I'm so sore."

Her look was almost is undoing. But he couldn't stop now. He had to finish what he'd started. He needed to make a serious, long-lasting she'd remember it.

"Back over my knee."

"Paul, please," she cried, "I've learned my lesson. I'll never.....ever......"

He took her arm and guided her back across his lap again.

"This was a serious offense, Kate. I'm going to give you twelve strokes with the hairbrush......twelve very hard strokes and I want you to think of what you did to deserve it with each one; and I want you to keep it in your memory for future reference."

"I'm already sorry. You don't have to do this."

"You just concentrate on each and every one."

And he smacked her right cheek very soundly......the sting intensifying even more after the initial contact.

Kate didn't think she could stand it......she didn't think her bottom could be any more sore than it already was.....but she was wrong. By the time he reached six, she was crying like a baby -- begging him to stop; but he delivered every last stroke before he allowed her up. He let her up then said, "Now, I want you to go stand in the corner and think about what you did and what just happened as a result.


"Go," he said firmly.

That was another of those things she'd said she never again do. And yet here she was, wiping tears from her eyes after receiving the spanking of her life and walking to the corner to do as he said.......knowing she couldn't take even one more spank for defiance. Slowly, very slowing she made her way there.

"Raise your skirts, Kate. I want to see that naughty red bottom."

She hated doing it, but she did it.......knowing she'd do anything he told her to do right now......anything to avoid another spanking. She felt so silly, so childish standing there.....a grown woman with her panties down at her knees and her bottom freshly spanked like a naughty girl. And to top it all off, she knew she'd deserved it. She had no right to do what she'd done.....even though she couldn't seem to help herself at the time. She had violated his trust.

She had no idea how much time had passed before he said, "Come over here, Kate."

He was sitting on the sofa now and she walked over to him. "Raise your skirts and lay across my lap."

" mean, please.....No more.....please. I can't take anymore."

"Do as I say."

Kate did as he said, but instead of feeling the sting of his hand or the hairbrush, she felt a coolness and she jerked a little in surprise.

"It's just lotion. It'll cool the warmth and sting a little for a few minutes," And 'that' it did.

When he finished the slow, lingering process, his fingers slipped between her cheeks and he knew her secret. "Sit on my lap, Kate."

"It's a little hard to sit anywhere right now." But she eased herself onto his lap and he held her very close.

"I'm sorry, Paul. Really sorry. I should have realized the full implications of what I was doing......but I wasn't thinking with my head. I didn't mean to break a trust."

"I believe you. It's forgiven and forgotten."

"Well, I'm not likely to forget," she protested.

"And that's just as it was meant to be." He put a knuckle under her chin and raised her face to make her look at him. "I love you, Kate. I've never loved or cared for anyone the way I do you."

"Oh, Paul," she said with renewed tears in her eyes, "All my life I've wanted to feel about someone the way I do about you."

"In spite of that very hard spanking you just got."

"In spite of.....because of.....whatever you want....."

"You understand that it could and probably will happen again....given your temperament."

"I know someday I'll be sorry I said this, but......I wouldn't have it any other way."

The End


  1. "Raise your dress and lay accross my lap" Wow, that is memorable. GReat lines and post, thanks

  2. Beautiful story. I really got into that story. His strength and determination was woven throughout and her mental anguish over the spanking was very believable.

    Excellent writing and story. Keep it up!


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