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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Novelist – Part 1

Before the web, much of spanking was in stories and chats. Now with wonderful world of web color, there is less writing. I suppose stories have the most appeal when you are ready for one. This is one of those spanked to her needs stories.

This was written by Kate

Kate Bradfield sat at her desk pondering the letter she was about to write. Was she nuts?! Had common sense left her one night while sleeping. Surely no normal, intelligent, independent, successful woman of 38 should be contemplating such an absurd idea. Yet, here she was at her computer.....grasping for the right words to begin.

Kate was a very successful writer. Though only four years since her first novel, she had rapidly become a best-selling author. Her quick wit and imagination, combined with her ability to make her characters virtually come alive on the pages for readers had quickly put her releases on the 'must have' list of most romance readers. She reveled in it. How many other people could spend the day basking in fantasy and imagination and get paid good money for it. True, there were those bleak periods when no words seemed to come; but, overall, it was like a dream come true.

Seven years ago she had divorced her husband of eight years and had no idea what she was going to do in order to survive.....the job she held as manager of a bookstore was simply not nearly enough to allow her to live as comfortably as she liked. She'd always loved writing.....and to make some extra money, had submitted a couple of short stories to magazines. When they were accepted and published, it put a spark in her life that she hadn't felt in years. It was then that she decided to fulfill her dream and become a writer, full-time. She had never expected such instant success. She just wrote about a period of time that had intrigued her forever....the Old West.

Kate was very particular about her writings. She wanted to experience, first-hand, what she wrote about whenever possible. Besides extensive reading and research, she had lived on a ranch for six months in order to get a feel for it. She painstakingly tried to do everything from riding to shooting to cooking for a whole crew. And when she left, she felt she had a much better appreciation of how it might have been back then and could, consequently, write with a little more personal knowledge. And so it had been with most of the things she wrote about. She took pride in writing from a personal level, even if it was limited.

And now she sat at her desk, gazing into space....wishing the words would just magically appear on the screen of their own volition.....just how the hell did someone go about asking for a spanking, of all things!! For as long as he could remember, she'd had fantasies about spanking and had always managed to include at least one spanking scene in each of her novels. But fantasizing about them and actually seeking someone out to give her one, were two entirely different things

Several months ago, she had come across an ad in a book review magazine that caught her eye. It caught her eye because it was a publishing company that sold 'spanking' stories. She wrote for a catalog and found, much to her surprise, that there were many, many people who shared this unique fantasy with her. She wrote to the editor and they had talked on the phone several times. She explained her purpose as being a 'research project' and he had laughed and said, "I'm sure you can find many eager volunteers to help you in this project!"

In spite of the excitement that filled her at the very idea, she was apprehensive and put off doing anything about it until this editor had called again recently to give her the name of a gentleman he personally considered very discreet and safe. She knew she couldn't put it off any longer. She tried to tell herself it was pure could she fully describe something she'd never experienced.....but she knew, deep down, that she was doing it also to fulfill a need on a much deeper level that had nothing to do with writing or research.

And now the mistress of words was suddenly drawing a blank. In the end, she just put her fingers on the keyboard and hoped they'd do their magic with little help from her. She did manage to compose a brief letter, stating her purpose as pure research and that she was very serious about it. She addressed the envelope to a man named Paul and quickly mailed it before she lost her nerve.

For a whole week, she second-guessed her decision and at the end of the week, she actually started to relax. He probably wouldn't write back, so there was no reason to worry about it. But, within a couple more days, an envelope with the name "Paul" in the upper right-hand corner sat starring at her from her desk.

She took a deep breath, then sat down and opened the envelope. She was surprised to see a neatly typed letter of several pages. She sat back in the chair and read......captivated by the message it held. It seemed Paul was not only understanding, he was very intuitive. He had read between her lines and, in a very gentle way, let her know he understood exactly how she felt. He related his own early experience in self-realization and said he was most certainly interested in corresponding and hopefully talking with her on the phone when she felt comfortable with it.

When she had read the last word, Kate put the letter down and took a deep breath again....her heart was racing. How could he have known so much about her from the few lines she had written? She stared blankly into space for a few minutes then picked the letter up and read it again. The man knew more about her than she knew about made her feel a little frightened, but at the same time, she felt a strange kinship with this man. Putting the letter aside, she turned to her computer and before long her fingers were again moving furiously over the keyboard replying to his letter. She let him know that he was a very perceptive man about her own feelings, but that this was, after all, still being done as a research project.

Within a month's time, she had written and received four letters. She found she looked forward to his letters and was becoming quite fond of him, in spite of the fact the she'd never laid eyes on him. He was a very intelligent, witty and understanding gentleman; and she found it quite comfortable to share some very innermost thoughts with him. In her fourth letter, she sent her phone number and a few nights later, he called. They spoke for only a short time, but she found him as easy to converse with as it had been to write to him.

Her publishers were hounding her for something, but she kept putting them off saying she had a block; but she'd try to have something to them soon. How could she write when she was so obsessed with this at the moment? Paul called three more times before they finally agreed to meet for dinner only....nothing more. If they felt comfortable with that, they would move onto the next phase.

They had never exchanged pictures, but Kate knew that he was 50 years old, 6'3" tall, 220 pounds, with dark brown (some gray) hair and blue-green eyes. He was a full partner of a well-known law firm, so discretion was as important to him as it was to her.

On Thursday night they met and had a very private, quiet dinner in a corner of a rather exclusive restaurant he had chosen. In this private atmosphere, they felt free to discuss the interest which had brought them together. Paul was every inch a handsome, distinguished gentleman and Kate found herself instantly warming to him. He was intelligent, articulate, a little arrogant and very charming. He was a man very sure of himself and at the same time considerate, sensitive and gracious. She knew they were there for a particular purpose and yet she found herself very sensually aroused in his presence. She felt feminine, sexy and even a little flirtatious....something she rarely succumbed to.

Paul was interesting to listen to and he had a wonderful sense of humor. He told her he'd always had a passion for spanking and enjoyed all types -- erotic, playful and disciplinary. When she questioned him on the disciplinary, he told her that he considered that kind of spanking to be as punishment for a very real offense.

"You mean like the kind I'm interested in experiencing for my research?" "Yes and no," he answered. "It's not the same because what you suggest is made-up misbehavior; you have not really committed the offense. So, it's a pretend sort of circumstances and we'll just be role-playing. Oh, I promise you, I can play the role and will give you a spanking you'll remember; but it's not quite the same. If I gave you a true disciplinary spanking for some real wrong-doing, it most likely wouldn't be something you'd want to experience again in the near future. You would find it most uncomfortable and thus be unlikely to repeat the least anytime soon. His words caused a reaction in the pit of her stomach that spread throughout her being. They were a turn-on, pure and simple, and she felt compelled to keep it going, "You can't really be serious! It's one thing to play with.....but, to seriously consider spanking a grown woman for what you consider to be unacceptable behavior seems a little archaic, not to mention ridiculous."

"On the contrary, I think it's healthy and constructive," he said quite seriously.

"Please elaborate," she laughed in an attempt to cover her total intrigue, "I'm all ears."

"First of all, I hope you understand that I don't go around spanking every woman who makes a mistake around me. I am talking about something that would happen in the realm of a very special relationship; and it would be with someone who obviously shared my passion for spanking. In such a relationship, there would be plenty of playful and erotic spankings, but there would also be times when a spanking was given purely as punishment and there would be no doubt about its effectiveness. All too often, relationships end because one partner doesn't know how to take charge when necessary. I personally feel it's the male responsibility -- but others differ -- and that's fine -- to each his own. Too often arguments and vicious fights arise that leave both parties angry, bitter, emotionally frustrated and guilt ridden. Angry, hurtful words are not easily forgotten or forgiven."

"Very true," Kate interjected, "I know this from personal experience; but I don't know how you think a spanking......."

"You have to understand this is a very special kind of relationship. First of all both parties must be very secure in the relationship. They must 'know', without a doubt, that caring, love, respect and understanding are there. And if that security is there, guidelines can be drawn up and agreed upon as a part of this relationship. You may think the man is given a lot of power; but you also need to understand that the woman would be secure in the knowledge that he cherished her above all else. It is a very intense relationship. In such a partnership, violent arguments simply would not occur. In such an arrangement, if my wife or intimate girlfriend did something thoughtless, was acting bitchy or did something potentially harmful to herself, me or the relationship, I would not hesitate to promptly turn her across my knee. And I guarantee I would very soundly and effectively paddle her backside till she couldn't sit comfortably for a long time. I can pretty well guarantee that she'd think twice about ever repeating the offense.....knowing a repeat would only invite a longer and harder spanking the next time."

"And you think that would solve the problem....pray tell, how?" Kate asked, definitely intrigued, but doubtful.

"Instead of the arguments and angry, hurtful words, she'd receive just and due punishment for her misdeed or behavior. I don't get angry....or not unreasonably so....I just spank. She doesn't have to defend the angry accusations; and later they don't have to regret words said in anger; and she no longer needs to feel guilty for what she knows in her heart was wrong. Guilt does a real number on people and must somehow be dealt with. Spanking can actually have a very cathartic effect; thus, I think, it is healthy and constructive to a good relationship.....not to mention the individual. Oh, she'll nurse a very sore bottom for a while; but she'll also remember it next time a similar circumstance arises. That's not to say she'd always agree 100% with my decision at the time; but, deep down, she'd acknowledge the offense and justification of the punishment. When the punishment is finished, the offense is forgiven and forgotten and not used as leverage for manipulative techniques in the future."

"Well, I must admit, it's an interesting concept and one you've obviously given considerable thought to; but I'm not quite sure how realistic it is." Paul smiled and said, "It's as realistic and effective as the two make it....though I believe the bigger portion lies with me."

Their main course arrived then and conversation slowed down while they gave it their attention. As they sat sipping coffee later, Paul said, "I must tell you, Kate, I have thoroughly enjoyed your company tonight.....even more than your letters and our phone conversations."

"Thank you, Paul, I feel the same way. And, if you are still interested, I'd like to move along with this."

"I assure you," he said with a devastating smile, "I am most interested. Now tell me the background for this little scenario you want to do. I assume from what you've said that you want to re-enact a scene from one of your books?"

"Well, actually it's one in the works. But, you know we don't really have to do the scene if you don't want. It's the spanking, itself, that I need to experience.

"Well, tell me a little about this scene and we'll see if it'll work, " he said with interest.

Kate started, "The main character is Jessie. Her mother and father were divorced when she was twelve and she went back East to live with her mother until she died when Jessie was eighteen. She always loved her father and his ranch; and she goes back to live with him after her mother's death. Her father is thrilled to have her back; but he, too, is not in good health. Jessie is very much a natural on the ranch....even before she left, she was very knowledgeable with its workings; so, it doesn't take her long to get back into the swing of things. The ranch foreman isn't quite sure a young woman should do all the things Jessie does. While he admires her ability and spunk, he believes she has never been made to follow rules or known any true discipline. Jessie is attracted to him in spite of his arrogance and assertiveness; but she fights it. In fact she fights with him most of the time. She feels that because she is her father's daughter, she should have the right to run the ranch as she sees fit; but her father has let her knew that he respects Cliff's opinions and advice. Jessie has a hard time with this from the beginning; but is devastated when her father passes away and the will is read -- stating that the ranch is left to her but with the stipulation that Cliff is kept on as foreman for at least two years and during that time, he would have the authority to make the final decision on all matters. After two-years time, Jessie would have the option of buying him out. Jessie's father and Cliff had become very close; and Cliff had been a big help to him in the last few years; he wanted to repay him in some way for his loyalty and friendship. In the last few weeks, there had been some trouble brewing because of a water-rights issue. Cliff told Jessie that he did not want her leaving the ranch alone until this issue was resolved. In the meantime, she was to take someone along with her at all times. Jessie, of course, rebelled against this; and when she comes home from town one day, Cliff is waiting for her at the house. He has decided to give her the spanking he threatened her with if she defied him on this. And that's basically where we would pick it up at." Kate finished a little out of breath.

"I like it; it's perfect. I'm sure I can make myself into a fairly convincing Cliff. I'm not so sure, though, that you can be such a spoiled brat."

It was Kate's turn to smile, "You don't know me as well as you think! I'm not an actress, but I don't think I'll have any trouble with Jessie -- she is, after all, the product of my imagination."

Paul took on a more serious look then and said, "Now I want to make sure that you know what you're asking for. You say you want a 'real' know that I'll start out over your clothes, but it will end on your bare bottom, right? And you know that you will have a sore, stinging behind when I'm finished?"

Kate flushed, but said, "Yes, I know. I need to know what it's really like from an emotional as well as a physical aspect. I assume you know a lot more about this than I do; so I will trust your judgment as to what is hard enough or long enough."

"I appreciate your trust and will try to live up to it," Paul said, "but because it is our first time together, I will insist that you have a 'safe' word for total security.....and you are not to be hesitant or too afraid to use it if necessary."

"I planned to ask you about that. Don't worry, I will have one. Dan put me in contact with another woman and she warned me that I may get pretty red and bruise rather easily because it is the first time. When I explained what this was all about, she did tell me it was important to let you know that you are not to give either of those two things overdue consideration. She also told me that she has met with you before and you are very good at telling by reactions when enough is enough. Janie said to say 'Hi'; and she also said you were a real gentleman......but that you were also arrogant and demanding," this last she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Paul laughed, "Janie is a 'brat' in the true sense of the word and needs her bottom warmed on a regular basis. If you talk to her in the near future, you can tell her I said that she'd be wise not to add more fuel to the fire. She did something a few weeks ago that she has yet to be held accountable for; but I do plan to see that she pays the price. Seriously, though, she's a fine woman and you're smart to go to someone like her for advice." They finished with another cup of coffee and some light conversation, then agreed on a meeting for the following Thursday.

Thursday afternoon Kate showered and took extra care getting herself ready. She put her robe on and sat down in front of her vanity. "How the hell does one get ready for a spanking?" she asked the image in the mirror nervously. She'd given her dress some thought and decided on a simple, flowered one that came to mid-calf. She couldn't really dress like the girl in her story, but she could improvise a little. Because it was summertime, she chose not to wear nylons or panty hose (they'd be too warm anyways) and instead of panties, she decided on a pair of pettipants to give the effect of the bloomers that girls wore in those days. In addition, she wore a longer slip as a petticoat under her dress. Later when she looked in the mirror again, she could --- with a little effort --- picture a younger girl in an earlier time; and she was rather pleased with the results......and she hoped Paul would be, too.

By the time she was ready to leave, she was very apprehensive. "Am I nuts!!" she asked herself again. Here she was getting all dressed up to meet a man for a spanking, for God's sake. For a whole week it was all she could think about. Could she really go through with it? Could she allow Paul to actually bare her bottom? No, she couldn't think about that part now....she couldn't, or she'd back out for sure. Allowing a perfect stranger.....well, not a 'total' stranger -- they done a lot of writing and talking.....but still.....she was a 'very' conservative woman.....only her husband and her doctor had ever seen her bottom bare.......

They met at the same restaurant for dinner. Kate nervously ordered just a grilled chicken salad. She knew she'd have a hard time even eating that. He asked if she'd like a glass of wine to take the edge off and she gratefully accepted his offer.

As they sat drinking the wine before their dinner came, Kate kept glancing at his hands. They were large hands and she became almost mesmerized by them as she thought of the contact his right hand would have with a very intimate part of her anatomy in a short time. They were very masculine hands, yet well manicured. They were tanned from the sun and the backs had a fine coating of hair that all seemed to lay so perfectly as if it had been combed into place. At one point he reached over with one of those perfect hands and squeezed hers, "You'll be fine -- I promise. It's natural to be nervous the first time."

She flushed a little, but smiled in gratitude at his perceptiveness, "It's that apparent, huh?"

"A little," he said with a smile.

God, did he have to be so damn good-looking -- so masculine -- so nice. Would she die of embarrassment when she couldn't think about that anymore.....

By the time dinner was over, he had managed in his very charming way to have her feeling a little more at ease. After a final cup of coffee, they left and drove to his house. He had told her that he thought it would be more private than a hotel or motel room and she had readily agree and appreciated his discretion.

Once inside, she excused herself and went to the bathroom to freshen up and try to pull herself together. She was very nervous and second-guessing this whole thing. No, she couldn't, wouldn't back out now. She couldn't do that to Paul and, in truth, couldn't do it to some point she was going to have to confront this; and there was no time like the present. She took several deep breaths then walked out and joined him in the den. Paul had done a quick change job -- and now stood before her in a pair of jeans, boots and a long sleeve plaid shirt. As soon as she entered, he said, "Where the hell have you been?" She was taken back for just a moment at the sudden sternness of his voice, then realized he was already getting into the role. Mentally she blessed him for not keep her in anticipation any longer.

"I was in town," she answer simply.

"Didn't I tell you to take one of the men with you whenever you left the ranch?" he "I didn't think it was necessary. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself," she said with arrogance.

"I told you that until this water rights issue was settled, you weren't to go anywhere without an escort, " he reiterated emphatically. She straightened her back to add to her height and glared at him with her hands on her hips, "You listen here, Cliff Morgan, I won't have you or anyone else telling me what I can or cannot do. I'm the boss around here -- I'm the one who gives the orders."

Paul gave her a hard, even look then started rolling up the sleeve of his shirt.

"What are you doing," she asked, a little wary of the deliberateness of the action.

"Exactly what I told you I'd do if you pulled a stunt like that."

Kate's' eyes opened wide, "What are you talking about?"

He was rolling up the second sleeve now, "I'm talking about the good, sound spanking I promised you if you defied me on this."

"No!" she gasped, backing up. "You touch me and I'll have you arrested." He started towards her. "You're fired -- get out of here!"

"You can't fire me, remember. I'm here for two years whether you like it or not; it's part of the will. Whether its to your liking or not, I make the final decision on everything.....and that includes putting you across my knee and giving your backside a damn good paddling when you need it." "It includes no such thing, "she spat at him, backing up when he got closer. "No don't you dare," but she ended it in a shriek as he literally picked her up around the waist and held her under his arm. She hit and kicked and squirmed trying to get free; but Cliff carried her all too easily to a chair. He picked up the straight-backed chair and set it down in the middle of the floor then sat down and brought her face-down across his knees in one fluid motion.

Kate exercised regularly to keep in shape and considered herself to be a fairly strong woman, but she was no match for Paul. No sooner did she feel the firm thighs beneath her stomach than his large hand came to rest on her behind. For years she had dreamed of being here in this same position while a strong, determined man taught her the error of her ways in this time-honored fashion. In her stories, it had always seem to confirm the hero's masculinity while at the same time affirming the heroine's vulnerability and femininity. She had no idea how her readers' interpreted such a scene, but in her mind, as she wrote, it was pure, hot sexuality. For her it was as erotic as any lovemaking scene she'd ever written. He left her that way for just a moment with his hand resting on her bottom, as if he somehow sensed she needed this time to captivate the moment before moving on. And when she had done this, she began pounding his legs with her fists, yelling, "No you can't do this to me!"

"It's about time someone did," he said, tightening his grip on her waist. And then without further preamble, he brought his hand down across her rounded bottom in a resounding smack. The action jarring her back to reality. Again his hand came down, this time on the other side.....then across the center. One side and then the other, back and forth across her bottom. So this was what it was like to be spanked......while it was certainly an indignity, it wasn't causing her any real stress. She yelled 'ow' and 'ouch'.....not because she was in pain, but because she thought it was what she should do. She kicked her feet and pounded at his legs with her fists. "Stop it", she screamed. "Put me down this instant!" He smacker her harder when she yelled and this only cause her to scream louder. "God damn you, put me down; you son of a bitch!" As if on cue, she felt his fingers at her calves and then cool air as her dress and slip were whisked up to her waist. "No!" she squealed in protest. And then let out an earnest "OW!" as his hand met her barely covered bottom with a stinging smack.

"Ouch, That hurts! Damn You! Let me go! " SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! "Swear at me again, and you'll find out how much it can really hurt."

"You have no right OW! to do this to me OW! I'm not a child!" she screamed. Her bottom was beginning to feel very warm and there was a real sting to his slaps now.

"Nobody but an irresponsible child would go off on their own like you did. If you want to act like a child, that's just how I'll treat you. It's about time someone spanked some sense into you."

"Go to hell, you bastard!" she yelled. "I'll kill you for this." Her voice went up a notch as she felt his fingers at the waistband of her pettipants.

"No!" she squealed loudly. "Don't you dare!" And she renewed her struggles and kicked to prevent him from baring her bottom. But Paul was not deterred from his purpose and her silky underwear was soon at her knees and Kate suddenly knew just how vulnerable and embarrassing it was to be bare-bottomed over a strong, determined man's knee. Her face felt flushed and she wondered if it was as pink as her behind must surely be by now. She became even more embarrassed as she realized the picture she must be presenting to him at the moment.

Paul was far from embarrassed. He took a moment to take in the sight of her bare rosy bottom and he wondered briefly what her thoughts were at the moment. Because it was her first time, he'd wanted to make sure he had given her a long warm-up before he started the real spanking. And by this time he had a feeling that she had a fairly high tolerance. All she'd given him so far was a lot of sass and pure defiance. She'd said she 'needed' to experience a real spanking and he was not about to disappoint her. She'd been very explicit in letters about this need to experience the real thing for research.....and he 'had' made sure she had a safe word. Well, it was time for this sassy, defiant young lady to reap her just rewards.

Kate thought she'd been prepared -- should have been -- but somehow wasn't when his hand met her bare flesh. "OW!" she cried in earnest. "OW! again as he spanked her more quickly now. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Briskly and efficiently, his firm hand went about the task. "OW! OUCH!" "Stop it!" she screamed. Her bottom quickly went from warm to hot and in pure defensive instinct her hand reached back in an effort to protect her battered behind....but before it reached it's target, Paul caught her wrist and held it at her side.

"No!" she yelled as she squirmed and kicked trying somehow to avoid the punishment his hand was inflicting on her poor bottom. "No! Stop!. Damn you! Stop" she screamed as she kicked wildly with frustration. Paul put his right leg across the back of her legs, pinning them to quell their kicking and in doing so she slipped a little more across his knee, giving him even better access to the area he wanted to be most affected by the chastisement......the lower part of her cheeks that would feel the afterglow and sting whenever she sat down for a while.. Blood rushed to Kate's head as it came closer to the floor; but she hardly noticed it as the spanking continued in a rapid fire sequence on her already sore behind.

"OW! Stop! Please!" she cried still wriggling and trying to avoid his hand and still finding it impossible.

"Please," she cried, earnestly. "OW!. Please. It hurts."

"Spankings are supposed to hurt," he said. "When it starts to really hurt -- when you don't think you can possibly stand anymore, that's when they do the most good." And still he continued.

Her bottom felt like it was on fire. Surely, he must be ready to stop. "Oh, Please, Stop!. I'm sorry, Please. I'm really sorry," she begged as tears began to form on her eyelids.

Finally he stopped for a moment, but kept her there, "Are you going to behave yourself?"


"You gonna stop swearing at me?"


"Are you going to do as you're told from now on!"

She took a moment too long to answer and he gave her two more hard smacks. 'Yes," she squealed, "I promise. Just please don't spank me anymore." She thought he was going to let her up, but when she moved, he put a hand on her back and said, "Remember ..... any sass or defiance and you're going to be right back across my knee again. You understand that?"


And then he helped her to her feet and gave her a nudge, saying, "Now you can get yourself over to that corner over there and think about what just happened."

Kate whirled around, "I'm not standing in any ......."

Paul didn't wait for more, he pulled her right down across his knee again. "No! Okay I'll do it!" "Oh, I know you will; but first I'm going to give you a little something for your defiance -- just like I told you I would."

"No, please I'm sorry. I won't ever do it again," she cried. At this point, she did not want to be spanked anymore. She'd had enough! Her pants still at her knees, he only had to raise her skirts up to have easy access to her bottom. He put an arm around her waist and sort of tucked her around his side, then gave her six hard, stinging smacks......bringing forth the tears that previously just clung to her lids.

Standing her back up, he gave her another nudge. "Over to that corner, young lady; and pull your skirts up when you get there." Kate was embarrassed beyond belief. They had not discussed this. She did not like the idea of standing in a corner with her bare bottom on display one bit.....but she didn't dare defy him again either.....she didn't think her bottom could take anymore spanking.

Sniffling, rubbing the tears from her eyes with one hand, while holding up her dress and slip with the other, her brand new silky pettipants down around her knees, her red, freshly spanked bottom bared and on display, Kate felt more like 8 than 38. Her bottom stung and she was embarrassed to death to be meekly standing there in the corner; but at the same time she'd never felt more alive in her whole life. And she could hardly wait to get home to write down the mixed, contradictory emotions that had run through her this last hour or so. But first, she wanted to thank the man who made it all possible......that wonderful, charming, arrogant, demanding, hard-handed devil of a man......if he ever let her out of this damned corner!! Was that noise from outside or did he actually have the nerve to be chuckling at her predicament? Well, just wait til her bottom wasn't quite so tender, then she'd give him a piece of her mind!!!

To be continued


  1. "...Healthy and constructive..."

    Says it all about giving and getting a nice spanking. Well said


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