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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Correct Positioning

Web Ed who does Chicago Spanking Review wrote:

Here's a question for you, which I hope you haven't answered (and I missed): When paddling someone, I'm a real stickler for correct positioning, believing it to be central to the experience, insisting that knees be kept straight and bottom turned up and stuck out. So what are your (both or your) views on this subject, from both perspectives (giving and receiving)?

We are keen to get the position correct – for safety and to obtain the maximum sting. I was prepping a short post on this subject just a day or so before your comment. So I will merge it here.

Would You Spank Here?

The watermark on this picture shows it was taken during a professional spanking photo shoot. Like many professionally done spankings, I consider the area the spoon is resting on to be out of bounds. Since there is redness there some professionals do not share my view.


We don’t spank that way around here. Would you spank that high or do you like to be spanked that high?

Also Bacall recently found your How To Paddle reference. We think a lot professionals would benefit from adhering to it.

I was also able to locate a post we made on New Years Day of 2010 also titled How To Paddle.

Good question sir. We hope more people will adopt your excellent guidelines.


  1. As the reciever of the spankings, I let the Top control how to position me. Each one has their own preference. Once we are both comfortable, we begin the session. Comfort is more important to the Tops than obtaining "maximum sting." Also, I have never had a conversation with bottoms about helping a Top achieve maximum sting with a paddle.

  2. As it has been a while since I have written this in a post, I will open by stating that the paddle, and the act of paddling are (for me) in that rarefied air spanking alone just can't rise to.
    Although never to old to learn, rigid guidelines dilute the drive & passion that paddling naturally brings out in me.
    The pic. in the post shows contact higher up than I would paddle.
    Losing focus of the "bottom" has never been an issue for me.
    Asking about "how to" isn't wrong persay, but perhaps just difficult for me to wrap my mind around?


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