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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who are we hiding from?

My brain is not big enough to handle the important stuff in life, so I wonder about the small stuff.

I wonder why so many of us spanking enthusiasts lurk? I wonder why some of us who do comment, do so anonymously? Is there some extra measure of security as Anonymous rather than as JER123? I would really really like more people to post as JER123 or whatever clever name they like rather than Anonymous. That way we could all get know a little about you without any fear that anyone is going to invade your privacy. Come on, humor an old man and signup as JER123 or whatever.

We know a lot of spanking enthusiasts. They have been to our home, we have been to there’s. We have met their children and they ours. No problems.

Some readers of this Blog know our real names. The only reason we hide behind Bogey and Bacall is to avoid any embarrassment that might happen to our grandkids somewhere out in the future.

Kudu’s for showing  your face

On the other end of the bar from Anonymous are those Bloggers who can show their faces. Kudu’s to  Ken & Cora, Erica and Kelley.


  1. I think that we often worry so much about public opinion. What would our children think of us? What would our neighbors think of us?
    That is why it is so great to be with other spankos and talk openly about our fetish without judgement and with total understanding. Reading your blog and commenting with a name takes a little bit of courage, but it makes me feel really good because I can connect with kindred spirits in a more meaningful way.

  2. Everyone has their own comfort level. As a professional woman, I wouldn't feel comfortable exposing my face or my real identity. I'd lose a lot of credibility with clients and co-workers.

    For some of us, Anonymous is enough. It's hard to take that first step and figure out how to create an alternate identity.


  3. I think if we didn't have our own business I probably wouldn't worry so much about anyone finding out. As you know I have posted a few pics of my bottom and that I'm very comfortable with.

    I agree with Joey and Hermione it is hard to take the first step and I don't mind anyone commenting as Anonymous.


  4. Its very liberating to be 'retired' and not have to worry about what might happen if someone in the workplace found out. (Well, OK, a select few did know). And we don't have many family members around to worry about, either. After all it was at a birthday party (yes, birthday spankings were given) when Cora's daughter suggested that I should someday meet her mother.

    I think you know the rest of the story but I am very fortunate to be with a Lady who doesn't mind being photographed.

  5. I definitely appreciate if a person chooses a name, so that any future comments have a context. However, I am extremely happy for any comments I get. Without comments, one sometimes wonders why to keep a blog gong. I agree with Hermione that our personal life of work and children would be compromised by telling who we are.


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