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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, April 4, 2011


Most of us that enjoy being spanked, need to submit to make the spanking whole. I have written before that I don’t feel any need to submit and that Bacall is what I call a bedroom submissive. If she works on it and I assist her, she can twist her mind into a submissive mode. She really enjoys it, but as soon as we are done, she is back in alpha mode.

In one of my first posts back in 2007, I called myself a pain slut. I explain it in these posts. Most of you enjoy the long spankings where you can enjoy drifting in sub-space bathed with endorphins. I wish I could join you, it does sound like fun, but I am wired differently.

Over the course of this Blog, I have learned more about myself simply because I have had to focus my thoughts in writing this Blog. I am different from you in that I am never submissive and sub-space is closed to me. I do enjoy the sting of the paddle and that is enough for me.

When we find another that say they like spanking, that is usually the last thing that is mutually agreeable, as there are so many facets to spanking.

Back to me, I don’t feel any need to submit to anyone. I don’t want to be disciplined. I  hate hairbrushes. I like most any position but OTK. And warm-ups are not for me. A real odd ball.

I suppose that anything can be taken to extremes and I have seen that done with the need to submit. Perhaps the most extreme was the woman who left her young kids and a husband who cheerfully spanked her to find someone who would treat her badly. She found him; several of them in fact.

How about the woman who wanted to move in with her dominate man. Not much room in his place, so she sold her new furniture and paid him rent! He tired of her and kicked her out. She bought more furniture and then sold it and moved back in with him. He did not care much about working, so now she is taking care of him. Can you say doormat?

Extreme cases? I hope so. But when I read that a woman/man wants to submit to another, I wonder just how far they want to go.

When I post serious topics, there are usually zero comments. But, I persist.

Maybe tomorrow will be White Panty Tuesday?


  1. As with everything else in life, submission as a part of spanking play can be taken to excess. For some it becomes its own end where discipline isn't the goal, it's just a means to a desired emotional state.

  2. Bogey, thanks for bringing up the term “bedroom submissive”! To my mind that's exactly what I am when I am submissive in play scenarios. The concept of “real” submissiveness isn't for me either. I think that most of the people who see themselves as real subs would only submit to someone who respects them and wouldn't let anyone treat them like doormats, though.

    I also talk about submission in my newest post and I've linked to your post for further explanations of the term “bedroom submissive”.

  3. Hi Bogey,

    In my relationship, I'm on the receiving end, even though I'm a switch, and I have to ask to be spanked. Beyond this interchange, my wife and I are completely equal, and if anything, she's dependent upon me to a considerable degree, but not in all matters. So am I a doormat? Only at work! (I'm kidding of course.)


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