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Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girdles and Paddling

Another post from my demented mind.
Ken [Spanked By My Lady] posted about their getting together with another couple for some spanking fun. The pictures he posts of Cora in her girdles are captivating to quite a number of men, including me . [err Ken those pictures just might explain why you got to 500,000 hits in one year] Regular readers here know that Bacall and I also have a thing for Lycra and paddling.
So I fantasied how I would want a paddling session to go if Bacall and I found a couple who  liked Lycra and paddling like we do.
Keep in mind, that I am not saying that any of this did or would happen with Ken and Cora or is even desired by them. This is all in my deeply warped mind.
First, we would have to meet another couple that shares our taste for fun paddling's and are ideally also switches. [The odds on finding such a couple are about one in a gazillion trillion]
These are my pictorial stand-in’s for this fantasy. Bacall and her new friend. I have no idea which one is Bacall. Does it matter?
lingerie girdle16lingerie girdle28
I would prefer to have both women all to myself. The other man is welcome to go first and try and wear them out for me.  Winking smile
I would like to spend some time with them so they could tease me with peeks of stocking clad thighs. This would give them time to show me their paddles and tell me what they plan to do with me. I like to bask in anticipation.
After a time, we could all get down to our undies. Perhaps, they would want me in a panty girdle? Anyway, here is where it gets sticky. I  no longer separate sex from paddling. I did this a little at parties. I would will my mind to not get a stiffie when I was either getting or giving a paddling. Call it being silly, a gentleman or whatever. Now, if I can not be me, I no longer have any interest in playing. So this one in a gazillion trillion woman would have to feel comfortable with my having a stiffie. I would not expect her to do anything with it - just to be comfortable with the elephant in the room. [No, not talking about size here]
And that readers, the prequel,  is about 80% of my fantasy. Sure they would redden my bottom with their paddles and laugh while doing it. We would all have some laughs. My stiffie would wangle around and Bacall would grab it and rub it from time-to-time. And after they have paddled me, I would get lucky and Bacall would rub it until it squirts which would elicit more giggles from them.

Oh, one more thing, since we are all switches in this fantasy, now the women would feel the paddles over their Lycra. After their bottoms were reddened, the girdles would come off and the men would use deer skin floggers on them until they swooned.

Nothing criminal in this fantasy. No conduct that is really contrary to community standards of justice or good morals. We just have to love our fetishes.

Thanks for the post idea Ken!


  1. Great post Ken -- a very interesing fantasy. You are right, finding a couple who are both switches would be a challenge.

  2. In the spirit of modern day life... I should probably file suit against Sears Roebuck and J C Penney for this affinity I seem to have with girdles and spanking! At the time I seem to recall being mostly worried about going blind or something... LOL.

    Guess things could have turned out worse, huh? Spanking IS sex, whether it's kept just between your ears, or shared with others (hopefully dressed in Lady's foundation wear!)

  3. Great post and we are both flattered that we may have contributed to the 'inspiration'. Indeed Cora loves wearing her girdles and there is something just magickal about how she looks when she does wear one. Getting spanked when she is dressed that way is just ....

    Oh, and Cora never lets me forget who the star of our blog is. :-)

    And, who knows; perhaps someday you will experience a double lap spanking by two well girdled Ladies.

    Ken & Cora

  4. Not a flogger guy, but enjoyed the post.
    Feel the effects of a paddling more when in a girdle?

  5. What naughty feminine beauty does a man's eyes behold, with these two pantie-girdled females. Is it any wonder, that I would love to bare their voluptous naked rear ends, and spank them.


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