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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ronnie’s Blog

I confess that I really enjoy reading Ronnie’s Blog when she relates her personal spanking stories. Bonnie is her only competition for my my eyeballs. Sadly Bonnie seldom writes accounts of her adventures in the last year or so.

What I enjoyed about her most recent tale was not the tragicomic ending, but her account of what went through her mind as she carefully prepared herself. Donning new jodhpurs…removed my bra…pillar box red lipstick… fished out our riding crops…do I want the crop down in the lounge with me or do I want to made to go and fetch it…was mentally preparing a few flippant answers…my backside was beginning to tingle…a bit of attitude would go down well…yes I could manage that no problem…I hoped my rear could cope with what my scheming brain was setting it up for.

Woohoo! The mind is the largest sex organ! Thanks for letting me play with yours Ronnie. Winking smile Ronnie, you would be so much fun to play with! You and Bacall are from the same mold.

Few tops spend as much time prepping for a session as do female bottoms. Men are a bunch of slackers by comparison. My hats off to you Ronnie for sharing this intimate portion of your life.


And finally, here’s to E who loved to pull on her jodhpurs and ride to hounds. And who also liked to feel the crop over them while bent over in the stable. But’s that’s another story.


hmmm Ronnie and Bonnie. A coincidence?


  1. Ronnie's blog was priceless. As part of the "slacker" gender, I want to complement and thank you and Ronnie for the efforts that you put into creating a great scene, and then putting it in a blog.

  2. Ronnie's a star in my eyes too.


  3. Bogey,

    You have me blushing, yes really. To be mentioned in the same sentence as Bonnie has me lost for words and that doesn't happen very often:) Thank you so much.

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.

    Joey, Hermione, thank you.



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