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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Panties With a Message

lingerie panties44

lingerie panties55

Long ago, at a party, a lass that was new to me went over my lap. When I pulled her skirt up, I found a message written on masking tape, affixed to her panties. I can not recall the message. Something like don’t be too gentle. Now it seems you can buy panties with any message you need.

I have noticed that this Blog has the most traffic on Tuesday. Readership falls off on Thursday and stays low over the weekend. People must read about spanking early in the week and take long weekends to attend to spanking?


  1. Panties can influence the mood for me.
    The choice of panties can, and does, make a difference in a spanking.
    Funny thing is that although I know what seeing various types of panties do for me as the man giving the spanking, I have often wondered how, or if, the woman feels the selected pair will impact her "agenda"?

  2. Luv panties with messages. I think they are cute and can set the mood...specially for a little fun spanking time. I would luv a pair for myself.

  3. You could take a nice pair of cotton panties and have a saying embroidered on it, at one of those promotional wear places.

    If you dare. Or perhaps just your spanker's name.


  4. Do I dare??? Would be an interesting shopping trip...maybe even exciting!

  5. I have a couple pairs of "message panties". Trust me, any girl who wears them needs it *bad*.


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