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Monday, March 14, 2011

Panties for Men

I have written nine times about my fetish for wearing panties. Here I go again. I just can not think about spanking or panties without thinking of the other. Panties and spanking go together in our minds. Bacall always likes to be spanked over her panties. I like to wear them before my spanking, but I like all my licks on the bare bottom.

Women enjoy picking panties to wear. I have always thought that their choice of panties tells a lot about their state of mind when they put them on. Playful, sexy, going for  root canal etc.

Women spend a great of time selecting panties for spanking parties. I have known a few who bought panties, got to the party and had second thoughts and went panty shopping again. BTW, it is great fun to go panty shopping with several women. It’s also great fun to spend a rainy afternoon spanking a lass in every pair of panties she has.

I think panties and spanking go together and I don’t think that women should have all the fun of wearing panties. I like to be spanked and I like to wear panties.

The last time I Blogged about wearing panties one man commented: I must also confess a fascination for panties, myself. I have worn them several times but my personal 'turn-on' is when my Lady 'makes' me wear them. I think it must be a combination of my interest in women's panties and my submission to her authority when she initiates me wearing them.

Another man wrote: Yes, I love panties too... have shown my wife now that I've bought them for myself (not just her anymore!) She's starting to think I have a nicer collection that her. But I'd love to have her spank me more often wearing them -- or force me to wear the pair of her choosing!

In both cases, being forced to wear panties seemed to be the center of the fantasy. For me, it would depend on how force is defined. Both of us are Alpha’s, so real force is not an option. Bacall will sometimes put out panties for me, other times for both of us. More of the time we pick our own.

There is a demand for panties made for men. I need to go to Guatemala or wherever they are making panties these days and get some made to fit men. I have seen Manties and those are over the top for me. I am not into frou-frou, just plain nylon panties with a little room in them.

Ah, I now find Panties for Men. They have some promising styles. And some pricey prices.

Manly Man Sheer FLy Front #MMSheerFLy

The Manly Man style

The ad copy states: Great wife "compromise" pantie. Break her in to your pantie love while wearing a manly LOOK she wants, with the girlie FEEL you NEED.


Yellow Manly Man


Blue Manly Man

The ad copy states: Just walking in these panties will keep you semi erect all day.

Does Viagra know about this? Oh that’s right, semi-erect is no good. Viagra is too keep it from going back to semi.


Not so manly

I wonder what is used to simulate the male part? Do you buy it or make it?

The ad copy states: Slip into my Satin nylon and feel how comfy the boys are. Winkie will be popping up with delight to "Thank You".


Want to see my popping winkie dear?

Well that is a “problem” with wearing some panties, your winkie will pop over the waist band.


  1. A very, very interesting post. My own preference is for my sissy husband to wear panties that have a little "extra" room in them for her spare parts, chastity belt, etc. Let's face it, skimpy thong-like panties just don't get it done when it comes to putting a man in panties.

    And yes....panties and spanking do go hand in hand. A recent piece of artwork by Underling on my blog proves that point.

  2. Wearing panties is fun and exciting. Being spanked is fun...being spanked while wearing panties is fun'ner. I like wearing my wife's panties. I would not want 'manties' as that is too much like wearing my own. Wearing real panties is part of the excitement for me.

  3. Great to see another excellent post on panties and spanking! Nothing like having to 'undress' and show Wife what I'm wearing, too, upon Her command! (I'll put on pairs on the weekend by myself...She will be surprised by my choices!)

    I like some of the panty pics you show (nice!), but I'm with Anon above, it's sexier wearing (and having to buy! Whew! ) ladies panties!! Maybe it enhances the humiliation part?

    Yes, the silky feel (and the lines 'cutting' into my butt) make me hard and wet all day. Agree with Suzanne, thongs really don't do it too much -- full-back nylon are the best!! :)

  4. I agree the feel of real panties is sexier and more exciting. They also make me feel hard and wet all day - luv it! I also agree I think the humiliation part of it is exciting.

  5. Red: I am all for real women panties. A preference for lacy, or satin, or just about any type imaginable. Keep posting about panties, I enjoy reading and seeing others comments. Love the idea of his and hers that you and Bacall have. We recently did purchase one pair in two sizes, and amazing when both of us wear them.


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