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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Kneeling Bench

This is the kneeling bench we made. I did the carpentry and Bacall did the upholstery. There are eye straps on the front to clip wrist cuffs to.

The construction required several fittings until Bacall was able to determine that the height of the bench was just right. Fittings required her to drape herself over the bench and for me to apply the crop to her up turned bottom. It was difficult, it slowed construction, but we kept at it and got it right in the end.

One feels a little helpless bent over like this, clipped in, knowing you will be taking whatever comes.

Don’t think it fits her just right?


Back View


Side View


Sorry about the Watermarks, but I really hate to see our pictures turn up on other Blogs without credit.


  1. It iw most delightful to see Bacall over the spanking kneeling bench. It makes we wish I could deliver 'six of the best with my cane on her voluptous bare bottom. Made even more erotic by her wearing garter-belt and stockings. Those two photo's sure turned me on. Thanks.

  2. How clever you both are. I love it. Are you taking orders :)


  3. That's a nice bench indeed! :-) It seems to be quite comfortable, too. I've got some problems with my knees, so I would definitely appreciate that.

    And Bacall looks very nice draped over you bench, I would say your efforts to find the right sizes for the bench definitely paid off.

  4. Sorry, of course it must be "over your bench" (forgot the "r")... ;-)

  5. Wonderful workmanship! And the bench looks great too :)


  6. Wonderful! It may inspire me to put a bench together of my own. I hope you don't mind if I copy it. It looks so functional. And Bacall adds to its beauty.

  7. Excellent... and Bacall is a most becoming model for the finished result. I'm sure she appreciates your committment to getting it just right... but I'm guessing it fits Mr. Bogey's bottom pretty well too!

  8. As they appear to be two different vintages (material color differs), which one was the ultimate winner?
    Bench (either) takes second only to the delightful volunteer who adroitly displayed the usefulness of this apparatus.
    R&D on this project no doubt was painstaking? Completely unwaivering commitment! ;0)


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