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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Girl From Pizitz

I was 22 and fascinated by spanking. But, I was still ashamed to admit that I liked to spank. I would spank my girl friends, but I did it a way that had plausible deniability that I enjoyed it. I could always say that they deserved it or it was just in fun.

They did not object to being spanked, rather they did things to encourage it. Of course, I was too dense to see it that way. It could have been a lot more fun for both of us if I had understood they wanted me to spank them.

I was in a manager training program with four girls and another guy. We were all about the same age. We got paid a little over the minimum wage for working 60 hour weeks. The good part of it was the girls were attractive and eager. Over the course of two years we all got to know each other. Very well.

I spanked two of them rather poorly. This is about one of them. I can’t recall her name, so I will call her Beth.

Beth and I did not have all that much in common, but we as The Eagles said we good in bed. Before most trysts, Beth would earn her spanking and I would give it to her. Since it was often repeat behavior, I felt it my duty to increase the length and severity of the spankings – often having her bring me a spoon from her tiny kitchen if my hand swelled.

I would spank her with serious conviction, and of course it got me aroused. I would stop when she would tear up and then I would rather savagely flip her over and  in no way could you call it, make love to her.

Beth I regret that I was too dumb to understand the game.

This may be the reason that I no longer mix discipline/punishment with spanking.


  1. It's very cool that the ladies you spanked never objected. You must have innate spanko senses.


  2. I'm sure Beth looks back on it and wishes she communicated her desires more with you too! But as they say, all's well that ends well. And you seem to have ended up with a gem.

    By the way, thanks for the nom over at Spanking Bloggers. I appreciate the support and I'm very glad that you have enjoyed the site!

  3. Tis a shame that we finally understand, but only when we are much older. Hopefully the younger generation learns quicker, and I believe they do.


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