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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gals With Whips

For no good reason, today’s post features several women with crops or whips.

gal with crop

gal with crop_2

The crop lifts her bottom!!!

gal with whip7


gal with a whip1

gal with a whip2

gal with a whip3

Whips or not, they all look spankable to me. Or if you would like to be the bottom…..


  1. Marvelous photos. WOW! There certainly is something about a gal with a whip, especially, if like you said, they also look so spankable. Great job. :)

  2. Luv the last bw photo...she could definately pay me a visit!

  3. Apparently, one is not properly dressed for good whipping or cropping unless having first visited Victoria's Secret...

    I'd say they are all dressed for success!

  4. I like the 2nd picture best.


  5. I detect a girdle or two?

  6. fun photos to look at, specially the last one. However, would never want to play with those types of whips.

  7. Hi
    Good post and a great departure for you from the norm. Tasty images and the whip is a terrific instrument in the right hands. The slow drag of the tip of the whip across one's skin followed by the sharp crack of a stroke on the bottom is a joy that has to be experienced to be fully savoured. Any of these ladies would be a delight.

  8. Oh I'd definitely like to be the "bottom" side of a whip.. (especiall if it is a Victor Tella Scorpion whip - ahhh...the most tactile whip of all! (sighs).. It can kiss or slap the skin with that dragons tongue tail! Absolutely makes you think there's been divine intervention into your subspace! - BUT I DIGRESS! lol) -- and on a side note... being an equestrian.. I'm real adept on the TOP side of a whip if opportunity comes knocking! :-)

  9. Staying with "if opportunity comes knocking", should the Gal in pic.#2 ever so desire to make that crop & her behind available...
    "Adept" would be an adjective that no doubt would come up as we chatted. ;)


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