Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Administrative Stuff

I see we will break 300 total posts later this month. I never intended that we would Blog as much as we have since August of 2007. I have learned a lot about our spanking relationship because of our Blogging and your comments. I guess I did not know it all. Bacall however, already knew everything.

About 400 souls visit here every day. I guess that is good for a Blog that is certainly not in the main stream of spanking.

I note we now have 88 Followers. Welcome all. Perhaps we will break 100 this year?

I posted my definitions of Spanking Styles. If you can bear to read yet another set of definitions, you will see the link in the right margin, just above “our” picture.

Thanks to the reader that suggested “Tough Without a Gun”, which is about Bogey’s or Bogie’s life.

Now back to regularly scheduled ramblings.


So you want a serious woman to control you?


  1. That's a decent number of visits per day, and a healthy amount of posts. Keep up the good work Bogey (or Bogie) and Bacall (formerly Becall).


  2. Here is your visiting Dublin 'Soul'....doing just that...Visiting!!

    Always be a favourite guys...keep it up!!

  3. I often lose sight of just everything it must take to create & maintain this blog.
    When I visit the site, I don't feel as if I am reading a blog, but rather catching up with friends.
    The seamless presentation that is OBB is defined (for me) by the sincerity of its creator.
    Regardless if I concur with a post, there has never been a visit that left me feeling unengaged.
    Appreciate all the heavy lifting you both do, in order to share with us.


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