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Friday, February 11, 2011

Reader Comments

Thanks for these and all the comments!

Joe writes:

"Yellow pages" are how I define a blog, that is little more than any & every spanking link. Typically for pay. Commercial to say the least.

No worries Joe, the ad free logo I recently added to the masthead indicates we have no intention of plugging commercial sites. I seldom look at them and Bacall never does.

Missy comments:

I'm happy to comment, but have to agree with Kaelah on the grumpiness. Really Bogey, what's up? I think Chross does good work, but don't like clicking on all the links - Brushstrokes does a better job I think. What's with hating on the older dudes? To give you a feminine perspective, I have to say I prefer them. Honestly, getting spanked by a younger good looking guy always feels contrived, while getting it from someone like Sir Richard has a nice daddy element I can sink into. For me it's not about wanting to boink them; it's about the spanking experience.

BTW - I'm pretty sure Sarah Gregory is gay, so wondering if you are talking about someone else

Welcome Missy!

I am not always grumpy, but I do have a small burr on my ass about some spanking sites. Chross is fine. His tastes and the majority of spanking enthusiatists. They just do not match ours. Some of the things he links to are rather lame. Such as a picture of college girls, one who is kinda bent over and the other has a hand somewhere near her bottom.

Brushstrokes was new to me, but it’s just a commercial.

I did not infer I hate older dudes, I am one. I understand the May/December syndrome, but being old school I like to see spanking couples of somewhat similar age and I like them both well dressed and without tats. No punky looking guys with their caps on backwards, or wearing hoodies, or watch caps. Back when we went to spanking parties, everyone dressed for dinner. And that sometimes meant coat and tie for the gents. Gee, this turned into a minor rant. Sorry.

Sarah Gregory is not known to me personally. On Erica’s Blog she was presented as married to the man who was spanking the both of them. Perhaps she is happy, but not gay?

Missy comments:

Totally love the idea, but would be seriously bummed if it, "Taking a Hit for Charity" was limited to boys. Now, I'm not used to paying for my spankings, but to get called out and get it in front of everyone? *shiver* Oh yeah, I'd be there.

Great attitude. All the more for charity. Kaelah had a similar idea. Bacall did a post about it.


  1. Hey, Bogey-

    Not that I'm a Sarah Gregory expert, but she's not married. And she is, reportedly, both gay and happy. And very pretty...omg, her butt! :)


  2. If Pink is not a Sarah Gregory expert, that would make me so not a Sarah Gregory expert.
    Been there, seen that, done that sadly comes to mind as it pertains to the "it" females of spanking these days.
    Realize people have to work but do they all have to hitch their wagons to these "perceived" spanking stars?
    Nothing against Clare Fonda, Dana Specht, or Chelsea Pfeiffer to name a few but, it just all comes across as so stale?
    I would rather see a female that could be perceived as "less attractive", engaged in spanking that has some imagination and originality.

  3. OK Bogey, I take it back, you are not a grump by nature and you get major cool points from me for answering publicly. Seriously, that was really nice and thank you!

    I guess you guys don't have so different tastes from me than I think. I hear you on Chross... Love his effort to death, but some of the stuff is hit and miss. We are apart on the May/ December thing, but... don't like punks either. I know, I know, Sir Richard punks it up at times, but I think at heart he is an old school gent. I have to be honest, I *love* old school gents, and that does mean jacket and tie. I dress with diligence for my spankings, can't my gentleman do the same?

    For the record, I'm a religious reader of Sarah's blog and she has come out multiple times. Trust me, I'd notice. ;-)

    Hey, thanks again for responding in such a nice way. Luv you both!


  4. And thank you Missy. We do not have agree on all points. It's good when we can all be civil.

    I understand the appeal of older men for younger women. I have been the 'Uncle' of quite a few. That said, the appeal of women under say 40 is for me gone. They look good, but we have little in common.


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