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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proper Gardening Attire


It has finally warmed up here. Only a month until Vernal equinox.


I sure wish the women in our neighborhood would dress up for gardening. I could walk around the block with a paddle in my pocket giving GG pops to those dressed like this lass.


  1. Hi Bogey and Bacall, I've enjoyed your site for a while and am commenting for the first time. While not my lifestyle I like that you present real life F/M as I agree this play is not written about enough in our community.

    I love this photo and agree that any woman dressed like that for gardening does deserve GG pops. I only worry that she will hurt her ankle in those heels, but it sure does make for a squirmy sight. Thanks.

  2. GG pops? Just for dressing appropriately for work?... Let's see how she does with mowing the lawn first, ok? Then we'll talk about whether GG pops are in order! Harummmph... harummphh.

  3. Familiar with Tom Sawyer?

    How long do you think this lass would actually spend gardening, or fighting off would be helpers.

    I think it's brilliant.

  4. Tsk! She should be wearing a hat to keep the sun's harmful rays off her face. And kneepads, for kneeling to pull weeds.


  5. I don't think that we should be sexist about this and apply this dress code to women alone.

    I'll turn up for work tomorrow in similar attire and see what my boss thinks. I hope that some warmer weather is coming.


  6. Prefectdt, will you post a picture? PLEEEAAASE!!! (Either of you in that outfit or of the look on your boss's face or both.) ;-)

  7. Well, did this post ever get the comments! It must be that Spring is on the way?

    SpankedHortic, do ring up the local TV stations. I am sure the coverage will be seen world wide.

  8. So as I look at the pic. I'm thinking about how I can get this gal a John Deere cap?
    Hermione was absolutely correct about that nasty sun.
    As for the knee pads...
    Whether Hermione meant for a double entendre to be implied I don't know?
    With that said, this young Gertrude Jekyll wannabe could pull my weeds anyday she wanted; knee pads optional! ;0)


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