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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since Pervertibles are popular posts of late, I thought I would ring in with a memory.

A few years back we were shopping at our first Target. It was 20 miles across the county from our home. We saw a spatula with an ergonomic handle. Since there were several counters between us and the main aisle, we had to try it out. So I popped Bacall a few times with it. It seemed to have the desired effect. I hung back on the rack and we continued shopping. I know she was disappointed that we did not buy it, as she brought it up more than once.

Imagine her surprise when she found it in her Christmas stocking.


For those who like a panty clad bottom


For those who prefer a bare bottom


  1. WOW!... might I say that is a truly magnificent example of a classicly sculpted, gorgeous "pervertible". Seriously, was there really a spatula in the picture??

    Somehow I must have missed it!

  2. NOTHING non-sexual about that spatula, or the pic.

  3. Hi Folks:
    Love your blog I will try and keep you guys posted with our spanking adventures, up until last night I had never been paddled other then self paddling, let me tell you as you already know it's a completly different show when someone else is applying the spanking! would love to have your tapes if you still have them ? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    contact me at


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