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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paddled At School Redux

Kaelah commented  on "Paddled At School"

A sweet, funny and sexy story indeed! :-) And as you can see, your story doesn't only appeal to a few males who would like to be paddled at school, but also to a female whose fantasy includes things like being spanked together with some boys or spanking them herself. ;-)

And in the similar topic post  "Taking a Hit for Charity" Missy wrote:

Totally love the idea, but would be seriously bummed if it was limited to boys. Now, I'm not used to paying for my spankings, but to get called out and get it in front of everyone? *shiver* Oh yeah, I'd be there.

So with the idea of boys and girls getting paddled together Bacall wrote this:

They had been acting up, actually flirting, all month.  He really liked her and she really liked him, but they had moved past that point.  And they were being disruptive in the class.  Teacher had warned them several times to behave.  Finally, exasperated, the teacher took both of them to the principal.  Of course, they were grinning the whole time at each other, making funny faces.  The principal said that they must learn how to behave, but first they would receive a paddling!  They were shocked, after all, surely, they were too old to be spanked.  The Principal did not agree and  had him pulled down his pants and her pull up her skirt.  They were embarrassed but still looked at each other.  Then they bent over the desk as instructed.  Their underwear was pulled down, exposing nice white bottoms.  The principal got the paddle and gave each one four pops.  They continued looking at each other, but were no longer smiling.  Then they each got four more pops.  Their bottoms were now bright red and stinging.  They knew how each other felt.  They were dismissed and told to go back to class.  One the walk back, they were silent but held hands.  That weekend, they were out Friday night and Saturday and that's how their romance began.





  1. That's a sweet story, Bacall! Thank you very much for writing and sharing this. :-)

  2. Boys and Girls being Paddled together? ...Why Not!!

    Good story too Ms B ;-)


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