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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No End to Short Plaid Skirts

I am both lazy and damn busy this week. So I will make a pictorial post, that will at least please our male readers.

short plaid skirt 87

In Other News

I/we Blog because we want to. That said, I, Bogey,  am becoming a little addicted to comments. I want them. And not all of you are commenting. Come on, say something, it encourages me. And in the vaults, we have some original never before seen pictures.

Oh, I found yet another difference between me and most spanking enthusiasts. Most everyone likes the Chross Blog. Heck, he even linked to us once; a post on pink panties I think. However his tastes, don’t match mine. Mostly it is boring. But, it’s the most popular spanking Blog, so by extension I am not mainstream. There, yet another path to elitism.

I like the teaser pictures on Erica’s Blog. And I never realized that Sara Gregory was good looking. She is married to an old curmudgeon isn’t she? Oh well, Sarah and Erica look good.

Speaking of old spankers, such as moi, Richard Windsor must have to pay a lot for young lasses. He looks like a homeless person. Where are the good looking younger men?


  1. Hi Bogey,

    a bit grumpy today, huh? ;-) Don't worry, here is your first comment on this post. I'm also addicted to comments, so I can relate to your wish to hear more about what your readers think!

    As for Cross's blog, in my opinion it is so famous because of the “Spankings of the week”. I think many people use them in order to find interesting pictures, clips and blogs. To my mind Cross is liked so much because he invests so much time into reading all these blogs and pointing out interesting posts in his “Spankings of the week”.

    And as for young, good looking guys: I would say my mate Ludwig is one of them. You've already seen him as a top in our free Christmas present clip, and in the latest edition of Kaelah's Corner you can see pictures of him getting spanked by the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods and me. It was my very first topping experience and a memorable afternoon indeed! :-)

  2. Hi again
    Nice photo but I prefer the plaid skirt with the white knickers image.
    It would seem from the comment from Kaelah above that you might be in for a dose of her cane. She seems quite Chross with you about your post.
    Glad to see that you have elicited her post because I was not aware of her presence in the spanking blogosphere so now I can track her down.
    Keep trying to keep it up.
    Michael M

  3. @ Bogey:
    I just tried to send you a mail twice, but I instantly got a delivery error message each time...?! Just wanted to tell you that I hope that you'll post Bacall's story on the blog and that I'm looking forward to reading it! :-)

    @ Michael M:
    Don't worry, I just wanna play... Hmm, well, maybe that is a reason for worrying after all?! ;-) It would be great to meet you over at the Rohrstockpalast, readers who also take the time to write comments are of course always very appreciated! :-)

  4. Well I typed this four times in trying to find a way to not come across as a spanking snob but...
    For starters, dating back to before blogs & or the net existed, anything spank that had a reference to "Kiss Me Kate" was marked returned to sender by me.
    Time has been spent no doubt, but what is conveyed on the Chross blog, as well as the way it is formatted represents "spanking for those with a short attention span".
    Love you both but, if this blog ever regressed into little more than the yellow pages of spanking, my comments would be limited to a Christmas Card.
    As to mainstream...
    Spanking in mainstream "anything" these days is far from what I became intrigued with back when.
    Nu-West in 1985 displayed more originality and substance then 90% of what I see on the net today.
    The reality aspect that spanking blogs should be focusing on (OBB, Bonnie's etc.) has taken a back seat to "Rihanna" video clips.
    At 47 I do not consider myself a "spankophile".
    Not until reading this did I consider myself an elitist.
    I take pride in belonging to that favored group of sincere people who enjoy a healthy infusion of spanking in their lives.
    The group is not represented by "all" things spank; for me anyway.
    If more comments come with reshaping this blog, then I will go on the record now and admit to being an elitist.
    The comments you two receive are acknowledging the human element of the blog.
    Vapid as most spanking related blogs are of this facet, I would take less comments any day as opposed to becoming little more than a "bare ass link machine".

  5. I'm happy to comment, but have to agree with Kaelah on the grumpiness. Really Bogey, what's up? I think Chross does good work, but don't like clicking on all the links - Brushstrokes does a better job I think. What's with hating on the older dudes? To give you a feminine perspective, I have to say I prefer them. Honestly, getting spanked by a younger good looking guy always feels contrived, while getting it from someone like Sir Richard has a nice daddy element I can sink into. For me it's not about wanting to boink them; it's about the spanking experience.
    BTW - I'm pretty sure Sarah Gregory is gay, so wondering if you are talking about someone else?


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